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Iwate Hanamaki

Iwate Hanamaki Airport is another popular airport of Japan that was constructed back in 1964. It is also refered to as Morioka Hanamaki Airport and consists of a single terminal with limited facilities. Along with that it also has a single asphalt runway to allow bigger flights to land and take off. On the second […]


Itami Airport is one of the main primary domestic airports of the Kansai region in Japan. The airport is named with the city, Itami. Otherwise, this airport is also known as Osaka International Airport. Even though Itami airport still has its international status, but all the international flight traffic was passed onto the Kansai International […]


This airport is situated in Mihara city, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. It is located 50 Km east of Hiroshima. In the Chugoku region, it is one of the largest airports. Hiroshima Prefectural Government operates this airport. It has a single terminal with different arrivals and departure facilities for both international and domestic flights. Also, it’s domestic […]


This airport is utilized for both international and domestic traveling purposes. And previously, this is used as the airbase. It has two numbers of terminals and a single runway. Fukuoka Airport is situated 1.6 NM east of Hakata Station, which is located in Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka, Japan. It is operated by Fukuoka International Airport Co. Along […]

Chubu Centrair International

Chubu Centrair International Airport is a first class international airport that is located in Tokoname City, Aichi in Central Japan. It is known as the main gateway to central Japan. It efficiently serves Nagoya City, which is Japan’s third largest city. The airport is easily accessible through various means of transport. Among all the transportation […]


Chofu Airport is a minor airport located inside the Tokyo Metropolitan Area northwest of Chofu. This airport is located 1.2 NM or 2.2 kilometers northwest of Chofu, Tokyo, and west of central Tokyo. Chofu Airport is a popular airport that is administrated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. This airport’s main commercial activity is handling new […]


Asahikawa Airport is one of the biggest airports of Japan. This airport is located in Hokkaido, Japan and is capable of hosting large number of flights at once. To give you a figure, Asahikawa Airports has the capability of hosting over 84 domestic and 63 international flights every week. There is a single runway at […]


Situated amidst the stunning natural beauty, this international airport is located in the Aomori-prefecture city of Japan. The city of Aomori-prefecture is situated on the north-east point of mainland Japan. So, this airport is an essential connection to many other places as well. Airlines from Korea, Siberia, and Khabarovsk run via this airport. The runway […]


Amami airport is located in the northeast region of the Amami city. It is a small airport of the city while the main airport is located in an Island named Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan. The Amami airport has a single asphalt runway for the big flights to land and take off. Along with that there […]

Akita airport

Akita Airport is a local airport or a second class airport that is situated at just 14 km southeast from the Akita station, which belongs to the Akita city in Japan. On an average, 13 flights do depart from the Akita Airport each single day. The earliest flight that departs from the Akita Airport is […]