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Founded in 2011 by a commercial pilot, charter broker and entrepreneur who saw the opportunity to provide a truly unique and unparalleled client experience. Mearon had worked for two well-known air charter companies in New York and California and noticed several flaws with the retail air charter brokerage companies and recognized the opportunities to make things better through applying a core set of values to Centurion Jets operations: Safety, Integrity, Hospitality, Value
& Passion.

Centurion Jets aim to make a change in the way people access the world’s supply of the safest, most luxurious private jets and to do it with integrity, provide the highest level of service at the right cost. Our typical clients have flown privately in the past and when they come to us, they stay with us. Because of our experience navigating the confusing world of aviation, we can present solutions that other brokers or operators may not have considered.


We originated from a small office in San Diego, CA and have migrated to a virtual office so our remote staff can operate across the globe. Every employee of Centurion Jets flies for a commercial airline, Part 135 aircraft charter company or Part 91 private aircraft owner. With about 5,000 aircraft in our global network, we can arrange an aircraft virtually anywhere in the world, 24/7/365.

Using state of the art aircraft tracking and inventory computer systems, we monitor the positions of every private jet, airliner, cargo aircraft and helicopter on the charter market and make sure that the highest pedigree and most cost-effective aircraft is matched with your charter request. We work around the world, with people of all functions and at all levels of public and private market sectors. Our team is comprised of commercial pilots and enthused business jet procurement experts, not salespeople as you will find elsewhere.


Our mission is to swiftly supply you with a quality aircraft, certified by rigorous safety criteria, at an industry leading price, without any surprises, while receiving expert advice.

Why our clients love working with us?

At Centurion Jets, we invest in our relationship with our clients.
We get to know you on a personal level so that you can trust us with the intricate details of your travel.

Fly what you want, when you want, where you want. After a quick phone call to understand your specific needs, we will locate the most suitable aircraft for your trip. Executive aircraft typically have a range from 500 to 8,000 miles and can service many regional or remote airports where regularly scheduled airlines can’t.

Travelling by private jet is the easiest way for business professionals to maximize their time efficiency and get to where they need to be safely and in comfort. By chartering private jets, executives and senior managers can work around their tight schedules, attend several meetings and or make several site visits in one day.

Offering Private Jet Services Worldwide

Centurion Jets is in the business of providing clients with memorable air travel experiences. When you schedule a private jet charter, the booking experience should be simple, and the service should be personal. Flying private means different things to different people.

For business travelers, it is an invaluable management tool which allows executives to attend meetings out of town, tour facilities and visit their company’s regional offices in person. For personal travelers, it is a convenient way to travel anywhere in the world while avoiding the stress, long lines and frustration associated with commercial air travel.

Why use Centurion Jets for Private Jet Charters?

Looking to charter a private jet now? The ideal private aircraft for your upcoming trip is just a phone call away.
By calling us now, we can have your aircraft ready to take off in as little as 4 hours’ notice.

Consistent High Touch Service – Our team works directly with you, available 24/7 to curate each trip and ensure a seamless experience. Our reliability, costs and attentiveness enable us to surpass the competition.

Bespoke travel planning – All itineraries are fully customizable to accommodate our guest’s interests, lifestyles and desired purposes. From preparing a custom in-flight menu of your favorite cuisine to arranging ground transportation, no request is too big or too small.

Security and discretion – Centurion Jets guarantees your privacy and can work with your security team on all aspects of your charter.

Private Terminal access and FBO’s – Avoid lines and unnecessary delays, board the aircraft minutes before departure and never worry about parking.

Cost efficiency – Centurion Jets buying power and reputation allows us to find the best private jet charter prices and ensure you always receive the most cost-effective solution.

Choice of aircraft – Our access to over 50,000 aircraft and more than 100 different types, we will make sure you get the right aircraft for your requirements.

Safety First – We continuously conduct safety due diligence on our entire network of aircraft operators. On every flight, you will receive a third-party safety audit report from ARG/US and Wyvern on the aircraft and the crew flying.

Why Private Aviation?

Simply put, we can get you closer and faster to where and when you need to go. Travel at your convenience and style, skip the hassles of commercial travel and fly conveniently in the aircraft of your choice. Running a little late? No worries. We won’t depart until you arrive.

Want to stay an extra day? We understand that plans change, and travel needs are as specialized and unique as our clients. That’s why we plan ahead and provide flexible scheduling, so you never miss a meeting, lose your baggage or have to rush to catch a flight ever again.

“Tell us how you want to fly, and we will make it happen.”