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Aarhus Airport


The Aarhus airport is a small airport that is at a convenient location to the northeast of Aarhus, a city in Denmark. At Tirstrup, 19 nautical miles from Aarhus, this airport is practically the gateway to many European destinations from Aarhus. The airport provides exceptional proximity to the Aarhus city center. Presently, the airport includes only one terminal building that has been renovated recently between 2007 and 2009. There are two runways and it covers a broader route and charter network with access to and from various important European destinations. Many of the destinations are seasonal therefore requiring passengers to check regularly for availability of flights. Although the facilities at the airport are particularly limited due to its smaller size, the Aarhus airport definitely provides exceptional customer service with its well-trained workforce. Passengers can access Wi-Fi services as well as the garden outside the airport as promising facilities for spending their time actively. The airport also has a special zone for smoking that is suitable for people looking for the small dash of nicotine before boarding their flights. The airport also offers the option of hiring extra-durable flight cases and bags, delivered at the airport on the request of passengers. Furthermore, passengers could also avail disability assistance at the airport.

Abaco Island Marsh Harbour Airport

Abaco Island Marsh Harbour

The common name for the Abaco Island Marsh Harbour is Marsh Harbour International Airport although it goes by the name of Leonard Thompson Airport. The general name of the airport is largely the credit of Marsh Harbour, a prominent tourist attraction in the Bahamas, Caribbean. The airport has flights coming in and going towards the nearby Nassau as well as Florida. After the construction of a new runway in 2007 and the opening of a new terminal in 2014, the Marsh Harbour International Airport has received an upgrade in providing multiple facilities for passengers. As a result, it is also rightly the second biggest international doorway into Bahamas. Other than the flights to and from Nassau and Florida, the airport also schedules regional jet flights without any stops to Miami and Charlotte. The new terminal that has opened up recently features all the architectural elements that provide a significant reflection of Bahamas culture. The terminal includes 22 counter positions and a completely brand new luggage scanning system. In addition, passengers have access to one lounge and two restaurants for having a relaxing time at the airport. The airport terminal also features a public parking area and different shops to purchase your essential needs.


Abbotsford International Airport is a prominent name among airports in Canada, especially for the Lower Mainland. It is a preferred spot for landing planes when the visibility issues create hazards for landing planes in the Vancouver International Airport. The airport provides daily domestic scheduled flights with seasonal international flights scheduled to the USA. Another prominent highlight of the airport is that it serves as the host for one of the largest airshows in the country, the Abbotsford International Airshow in the second week of August every year. The airport has prominent infrastructure tailored for on-site aircraft rescue operations and firefighting support. The terminal building has standard screening procedures for customs and passengers. The most striking highlight about Abbotsford is the role it plays in sustaining a general aviation community. The terminal features a lost and found section along with facility for mail-it-home inquiries. In addition, the visitor information center at the airport also adds up to the functionality of the terminal. Passengers can also find a ‘Gifts-to-Go’ store in the airport terminal building for picking up some lovely gifts for their dear ones before departure. At the same time, a duty free shop in the terminal also makes it easier for passengers to purchase some goodies at lower costs.

Abeid Amani Karume International Airport


The Abeid Amani Karume International Airport is the most important airport in the Zanzibar archipelago. It is situated at just 5km on the south of Zanzibar’s capital. The airport presently features two terminals among which one is dealing with domestic flights. On the other hand, the new terminal is involved in management of international flights. The airport is a common destination for charter flights to and from various European destinations. The largest island in the Zanzibar archipelago, Unguja Island, houses this airport. Most important of all, the management of the airport strives for exceptional maintenance standards in the state-of-the-art facility for increasing the influx of more tourists to the islands alongside opening up new routes for business with the external world. The terminals of the airport include 27 counters, baggage handling systems and Passengers Boarding Bridges. At the same time, passengers can also avail services of security checkpoint that features modern security systems. The airport terminal also brings in many other vital facilities for the convenience of passengers. First of all, you have the waiting lounge and a prayer area. If you want to go for the higher end of luxury, you can go for the VIP lounge also. The duty free shop is also open for passengers to purchase their desired goods.

Aberdeen International Airport


Aberdeen international airport is situated at around 5 nautical miles from the Aberdeen city center in Scotland. Specifically, it is located n the Dyce suburb of Aberdeen with constantly rising number of passengers using the airport every year. The airport also serves as a base for Loganair and Eastern Airways while also serving as the primary destination for offshore North Sea oil and gas industry. Apart from the one primary passenger terminal, the airport has three other terminals that are solely suited for North Sea helicopter operations. Additionally, the airport also has another small terminal nearby that is largely used for charter flights for oil companies. In the recent past, the airport has been through different types of extensions and renovations. Now, the airport also plans on renovation of the whole terminal alongside bringing in some extensions for the runway. The facilities with the Aberdeen international airport are found with the ease of transportation connectivity through rail, road and bus. The airport features wide range of services for passengers including cash services, lounge services and family services. Passengers have access to a smoking area as well as the lost and found facility for getting back their lost valuables. Most important of all, there is always free access to Wi-Fi at the airport.


Abha Airport is one of the smallest regional airports of Saudi Arabia and is situated in the city of Abha. The airport operates with both regional and domestic flights. Along with that, it also operates with international flights to UAE, Qatar and Egypt. Even though it is a small airport, the passenger rush is always high here. It consists of a single runway and a passenger terminal that makes it a standard airport. The flight running count is less but it still holds the important flights to some of the common destinations across Saudi Arabia and outside the country as well.
As the size of the airport is small, the facilities available within the premises are less. You might not find stalls and stores within the premises as the limited staff and space in the airport does not permit it. Moreover, chartered private jets can also land in this airport. Moreover, people can also book air charter service at this airport in Saudi Arabia. You need to get in touch with the respective service persons in the airport to know more about the charter jet services in Abha Airport. Even though the luxury statements are less here, the airport is still fully functional with the dedicated staff and employees.

Abidjan Airport


Abidjan Airport is named differently by different people. It is most commonly known as Port Bouet Airport and some people also refer to it as Felix-Houphouet-Boigny International Airport. There are many planned projects commenced already around the airport premises with an intention to expand it. The modernization phase has already begun for the Abidjan Airport and as a result, the transportation links will also be enhanced for the locals and tourists to reach to the airport. As a part of the expansion project, the airport is introducing additional parking space to make the premises more feasible for the travellers and tourists.
Abidjan Airport is one of the biggest airports of Ivory Coast and has many luxurious facilities for the passengers to halt and relax while their flight arrives. You can take charter flights to or from Abidjan airport by reaching out to the respective staff contact. Many more projects are underway that are still awaiting approval to improve the flight management system of the airport. The management is planning on starting flights to even more destinations across the globe. Along with regional and domestic, Abidjan airport also handles international flights to various locations across the globe.

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Abu Dhabi International

Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second largest airport of UAE and it consists of two runways and three terminals. The terminals of Abu Dhabi International airport are filled with luxury stalls and stores for the travellers to halt and enjoy their time in the airport. There is a variety of select stores and shops where you can eat, relax, shop and just hang out without worrying about your flight. There is a constant announcement team speaking out for the flights that are ready to park or leave. With this, you will never miss out your flight if you are in the passenger terminal of the Abu Dhabi International Airport.
Apart from the three terminals specified for the passengers, there is a special VIP terminal where only the celebrities and big personalities are allowed to rest and relax until their flight arrives. The VIP terminal has private access to parking, drop-off, check-in and security. Moreover, there is a luxurious lounge in the VIP terminal for the bigger personalities to feel more special. There are many flights running from Abu Dhabi International Airport to different parts of the world. They operate with regional, domestic and international flights. Abu Dhabi Airport is known for its big space and luxurious terminals and lounges for passengers.

Abu Simbel Airport

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is yet another small airport that is situated in the Southern region of Egypt. It has a small terminal for the passengers and a single runway to operate limited flights. The limited flights are specified to fewer locations. Mostly people only fly to this place to see the famous Abu Simbel temples. Therefore, the facilities are less and the airport is just to welcome the travellers in Egypt to give them a comfortable transportation. If you want to travel to Abu Simbel through chartered planes, you can do it by getting in touch with the respective booking agencies.
Along with that, the Abu Simbel Temples are termed to be UNESCO World Heritage Site that is very much popular amongst the tourists. People take up smaller flights such as chartered planes to visit Abu Simbel. The facilities in the airport is less because people do not halt here in the passenger terminals as they go out for a tour right after landing and get back to their flights right away after the completion of their tour. Even though the airport is small, the count of tourists visiting the city every year keeps it full. With limited staff members, the airport authority has managed to do a good job with handling the passengers and offering them ease of traveling.

Abuja Airport


Abuja Airport is another moderate international airport that was named after the first president of Nigeria. This airport has facilities to handle domestic as well as international flights. The facilities within the airport are less as the space is quite limited. It is not a small airport but still not as big as other popular international airports. There are many flights taking off and landing in this airport on daily basis. The facilities are also moderate in numbers as the airport is situated on smaller grounds. But everything that is available within the premises is destined to add a comfort halt for the passengers within the terminals.
Abuja Airport is located in the heart of Nigeria and is known as the gateway for the travellers to enter Nigeria. The international flights take off and land to & from different locations across the globe. Most of the major airports are connected with Abuja Airport, which makes it one of the best airports of Nigeria for the travellers and tourists to travel to and from different locations across the globe. Moreover, you can also take air charter services to and from Abuja Airport with special requests. Get in touch with the respective person around the airport who can help you out with the needful.


Acapulco airport is one of the largest international airports across the globe that is located 16 miles from the Acapulco city. It is also known as Juan N. Alvarez International Airport. There are plenty of facilities available for the passengers within this airport to help them relax and chill by the time their flight arrives. To be precise, there are many shops, restaurants, luxury lounges and others for the travellers and tourists. If you are planning to visit Mexico then Acapulco airport can be your main gateway to the country. This airport handles all international flights to and from different parts of the world.
Along with all the facilities, there is also a main passenger terminal in a special circular building for adding more space for the passengers to relax. The aviation terminal can be utilized to regulate and manage the inflow and outflow of flights to and from the airport. The entire construction and placement of the airport is to help manage it easily without much hassle. More terminals means more flights getting parked at the same time that will help control the flow of flights. The luxury facilities make this airport so amazing for the travellers to pick this destination for the start of their Mexico tour.

ACCRA International Airport

ACCRA International

ACCRA International Airport is the premier airport of Ghana and was previously known as Ghana International Airport. After some time, the airport was renamed to Kotoka International Airport. In this airport, you will find two passenger terminals. Along with that, it also consists of a VVIP terminal for the big personalities to halt until their flight arrives. There is also a military terminal that is made especially for the armed forces and military persons to wait for their flights. Out of the two terminals, Terminal 2 is used mostly for the international travel flights. All the long flights take off from Terminal 2.
For the people who are looking for some luxurious experiences can avail the business class lounges within the ACCRA International Airport. In short, it is one of the biggest airports of Ghana and has all the luxury facilities for the passengers. It has many dining options and shops for the passengers to pass their time while their flight lands and get parked. You can go ahead and choose your delicacies or hangout spots to relax for the couple of hours before the flight arrives. Terminal 1 is mostly preferred for the domestic travels to different cities or regions of Ghana.