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Specially Tailored Solutions for Executive Assistants

“Get me a plane!” or something along those lines, is what you’ve been told to do. As a consequence, you’re reading this because you’re the assistant to someone who needs to charter a plane. You want information, you want details on the aircraft, you need to put it all together in a hurry – sometimes in just a few hours. It all needs to work. It all needs to be accomplished for the best value possible.

We totally get that – Centurion Jets is your private flight department to get it all accomplished in record time and with complete confidence that you’ll get the support (and credit) needed to make the travel as smooth as possible.

Think of us as your on-demand flight department

Your life is busy enough. Let us take over the task of putting together all the aspects of the travel of your principal(s). One call to us, and we’ll go into action – giving you a full package that allows you to either chose the travel option that makes the most sense, or present clear and concise options that you can take to your principal(s).

We will do the work, so you don’t have to.

But our commitment doesn’t end there.  We pride ourselves on being more than just travel agents for the wealthy. If things go wrong, your reputation is on the line. We understand that, and as such, we’re engaged the entire time your principal is travelling. We will be there to make sure things go right, and if they don’t, we’ll be there to ensure things are addressed and resolved in a professional, forthright, manner.

Our goal – you’ll get all the glory, we’ll take all the risk. That’s our job. We want to make you more effective so that the travel needs of your organization are met with you having to expend any more energy beyond tasking us to take it over.

That’s our commitment to you and your organization. Nobody else offers you that level of support.

One call, and we’ll take care of it.