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When it comes to the safety of our customers, we believe everyone should be as safe and secure as possible when traveling by air.  We accomplish this by fusing the aviation expertise from top aircraft operators and the latest aircraft models with the experience and combined skills of our team. This ensures minimal risk and maximum security and safety of all flight operations. We recognize that nothing is more important than your safety, security and peace of mind. Centurion Jets only provides charters on FAA Part 135 operated aircraft for guaranteed legal and safe flights. Our founders are FAA licensed commercial pilots, meaning we have an intimate knowledge of aircraft operations, domestic safety protocols set out by the FAA, and internationally recognized standards overseen by ICAO and EASA.  Safety goes hand in hand with our job as your aircraft charter broker and we strive to make every flight an enjoyable experience. 


Private charters can expect similar security controls to a commercial airliner. However, these are streamlined due to the size of regional and executive airports we operate from. While the security process will never be compromised, you can expect a far more exclusive and stress-free experience. Most regional airports will allow your car to be driven up to the aircraft, where your baggage will be inspected along with your passports by the captain themselves. On international flights, you can expect to be greeted by a customs official upon arrival at your aircraft.

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