Family Office Aviation Solutions

Specially Tailored Family Office Aviation Solutions

For family offices, and the clients they serve, aviation can be an amazing asset and a daunting challenge.

Most family offices have some degree of in-house aviation capability – turboprop aircraft, or perhaps even a light or mid-sized jet. Most of the time, we expect that the in-house assets are more than adequate.

Meeting Family Office Needs

There are times when the family’s needs will exceed the available resources. In that situation, Centurion Jets has special family office aviation solutions for the discriminating needs of family office managers and the families they serve. We can bridge the gap between what the family flight department has in terms of in-house capability, to what may be needed for a special occasion or need.

Our team can provide you access to the same level of comfort and reliability you’re used to with your in-house flight department, at a value that makes sense. Whether you need to move up to turbofan from a turboprop, or you need a bigger aircraft to accommodate your mission, we can help. We can even work directly with your flight department manager on a recurring basis to make sure your needs are met.

We can also help develop a strategy for your family office where your aircraft is better utilized and the needs of families are met, even when in-house flight assets are in maintenance or won’t meet the travel needs.

The biggest difference in working with us, versus others, is we understand the needs of Family Offices and flight departments.

Anyone can get you a plane – you already know that. Our white glove service ensures that principals will be well taken care of, providing more than just a plane and a pilot (or just a plane); we provide the service that ensures your family is treated as well as ours and everything goes smoothly.