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Private Helicopter Charters

Helicopter flights provide a degree of flexibility that fixed wing airplanes cannot. The convenience of flying direct to your exact destination is invaluable in many circumstances and with Centurion Jets, you can do so in comfort and in style.

Whether you are traveling to a special event, a sporting venue or business meeting, a helicopter can get you there quickly. Helicopter Flights are perfect for accessing hard to reach places. From the deck of a yacht, backcountry ski slope, a rooftop in a crowded metropolis or a remote location with no airport access, helicopters can be the ideal solution for many client’s needs. Helicopters are also an excellent solution for sightseeing, aerial photography and medical evacuations.

Benefits of vertical lift

Helicopters offer some unique benefits when it comes to air travel. With an average speed of 100 to 150 mpg, you can travel much faster than you can drive, in a straight line and with zero traffic. Not to mention, the view from a 500 feet is sensational. With a helicopter charter, we can pick you up at the nearest heliport downtown for a transfer to the nearest airport so you can arrive at the door to your private jet. We can even drop you off on the roof of your office building, your favorite golf course, mountain peak, yacht or your backyard. The ability to take off and land vertically give helicopters a huge advantage over their fixed wing counterparts. No need for a runway to reach your favorite destinations

Comfortable & Capable

Most helicopters have comfortable seating for 3-8 passengers plus some light luggage. They are perfect for a quick transfer to the nearest airport, resort or remote location. Helicopters allow you to safely and efficiently reach otherwise difficult places. Many markets depend on the capabilities of helicopters, including medical transport, aerial photography and tourism, making helicopter rental a popular option.

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Find a Luxury Helicopter Charter

Is public transportation the last thing you feel like dealing with on your next journey? If so, you don’t have to suffer through it. One way to travel in style is booking a luxury helicopter charter. This way of traveling is becoming more popular, as travelers are starting to fight back against how uncomfortable plane travel has become.

Not sure if this is the right decision for you? Learn more about the process of finding a luxury helicopter charter to meet your needs below.

Why You Should Choose a Luxury Helicopter Charter for Your Next Trip

Consider the following benefits of choosing a luxury helicopter charter for your next trip:

  • Quick travel time: A luxury helicopter can land in otherwise difficult-to-reach spots. No matter if you need to land in a remote location with no airports or a rooftop in a crowded city, a luxury helicopter charter can get you there.
  • Beautiful views: If you’re going to be traveling, you should enjoy a grand view along the way. A luxury helicopter charter will grant you impressive views. You’ll be thousands of feet in the air, which will let you see everything for miles.
  • Flexibility: You’ll always arrive and leave on your terms. Plan your trip exactly how you want from departure and arrival times to your exact destination.

Considerations to Make When Booking a Luxury Helicopter Charter

Booking a luxury helicopter charter is not a decision to take lightly. Before you start looking for a company to meet your needs, consider the following factors:


Most helicopters can accommodate three to eight people plus some light baggage. If this kind of space works for you, you won’t have to find a more spacious aircraft.

However, some clients will need more space. As you’re planning your luxury helicopter charter, find a company with aircraft selections that will meet your needs. You’ll want plenty of space and leg room to truly enjoy your trip.


Some aircraft are equipped to fly for long distances, while others fare better for shorter trips. You’ll want to book with a company that offers a range of destinations at flexible times. The customer service team should be happy to make your requests happen and book you on a last-minute trip.


Whichever company you choose to provide your flight, you will be trusting the team with your safety as well as your belongings.

The team should have years of experience piloting luxury helicopter charters and always provide you with the attentive, personal service you deserve.

Are You Ready to Book Your Luxury Helicopter Charter?

Sightseers, aerial photographers, and businessmen can all benefit from the unique experience that a luxury helicopter charter provides.

If you’re ready to experience a private helicopter experience, book one with us now! Our team at Centurion Jets has the experience, staff, and aircraft to make your ride as comfortable and seamless as possible. Our entire crew abides by rigorous safety standards to ensure you have a safe flight, and we offer flexible booking options for you to choose from.