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Akita airport

Akita Airport is a local airport or a second class airport that is situated at just 14 km southeast from the Akita station, which belongs to the Akita city in Japan. On an average, 13 flights do depart from the Akita Airport each single day. The earliest flight that departs from the Akita Airport is the NH402, which basically departs at 7:30. And the final flight that departs from the airport is NH4 10, which goes to Tokyo, and departs at 20:00.
Speciality of Akita Airport is its 1200 meter runway that was stretched to 1500 meter in the year 1967. In fact, the runway was 1625 meters in 1969. It is said that the airport was extremely affected due to crosswind, and also due to antennas for TV transmission of 123 meters close to the airport. It is considered as the opening airport in the Tohoku region. The airport offers incredible facilities and is enriched with an extensive Multistory parking garage. It provides incredible parking facility. It was provided with UH-60 and U-125 aircraft by the year 2016. However, the airport got its first ever international terminal on 5th July, 1993. It provides perfect convenience that makes it suitable for newcomers as well.






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