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Tokyo Haneda

Tokyo Haneda Airport is commonly known as Tokyo International Airport. The remarkable fact about this airport is that it is among the busiest airports across the world. It consists of three terminals along with the latest premier Gate facility for all business jets. This airport is the central hub for Japan Airlines, Skymark Airlines, Air […]

Sendai International

Sendai International Airport consists of two runways and a single central terminal building. Its west side serves domestic routes, and the east side serves international routes. Its main terminal building offers various amenities such as a business lounge and resting room. This airport is situated in Natori city, Miyagi which is 13.6 km south southeast […]

New Chitose

New Chitose Airport is situated 2.7 NM south southeast of Tomakomai and Chitose, in Japan. It consists of a domestic terminal which is of 18 gates and another international terminal which is of 6 gates. It majorly serves the Sapporo metropolitan area. Also, this airport offers various excellent facilities for passengers. This airport includes stroller […]

Narita International

Previously Narita International Airport was known as New Tokyo International Airport. This is one of the two airports, which is serving Tokyo. It consists of three numbers of terminals. Along with that, it also used in case of cargo operations. It is situated around 60 km east of Tokyo. The Narita International Airport Corporation used […]

Nagoya Airfield

Nagoya Airfield is otherwise known as Komaki Airport. This airport consists of a single runway and also it is used for airbase and general aviation. Again, this airport is located within local government areas in Toyayama of Komaki. It is commonly known as the hub for Fuji Dream Airlines. Nagoya Airfield consists of a single […]


Oita Airport is an airport in Kunisaki, Olta, Japan, which is accessible not only by trains but also by buses. It is the last hovercraft service in Japan that is classified as the hub and a first-class airport. Usually, the Oita Airport handles the domestic flights around Japan, apart from that also manages some of […]

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport is a beautiful airport that is also called Shizuoka Airport. This airport is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. And is 27 km (17 mi) southwest of Shizuoka Station and about 45 km (28 mi) from Hamamatsu, 80 km (50 mi) from Mount Fuji, 130 km (81 mi) from Nagoya Airport, and […]


Kumamoto Airport is equipped with sufficient facilities to handle both international as well as domestic flights. There are multiple terminals for handling domestic and international flights separately. The airport management staffs is very responsive to ensure that the flight traffic is managed properly to ensure that every flight takes off and lands at scheduled time. […]


Kobe airport is a small airport that is built on a small ground. It has only one terminal that is meant for handling the passengers and gives them the essential comfort and luxury. Even though the terminal is small, it has all the necessary amenities to help passengers pass their time while they are waiting […]


It is situated on an artificial island in the Osaka Bay, and it is 38 km southwest of the Osaka Station. The Kansai Airports operates its entire activities along with the developmental and maintenance works. It is also known as the hub for Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, FedEx Express, Peach, Jetstar Japan, etc. This […]