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Private Jet Charter To/From Kobe Airport RJBE / UKB


Kobe airport is a small airport that is built on a small ground. It has only one terminal that is meant for handling the passengers and gives them the essential comfort and luxury. Even though the terminal is small, it has all the necessary amenities to help passengers pass their time while they are waiting at the airport for their flight. Some of the amenities include lounges, stores, shops and others. The airport is mainly used for the domestic travels as there are only domestic scheduled flights available at this airport. The international scheduled flight services are not functional in this airport but people can travel from international destinations to this airport through chartered flights or private jets. There is an easy connectivity to the city from this airport as taxi and bus services are available throughout the day. Moreover, you can also travel to the airport by a train or ferry. There are many food stores and restaurants available within the airport for the passengers to keep themselves engaged throughout their wait time. There are VIP lounges and special treatments available for the passengers who are travelling using the private jets or chartered flights. For booking the chartered flights you need to contact the air charter service providers.






Kobe Airport Japan Location