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Private Jet Charter To/From Iwate Hanamaki Airport RJSI / HNA

Iwate Hanamaki

Iwate Hanamaki Airport is another popular airport of Japan that was constructed back in 1964. It is also refered to as Morioka Hanamaki Airport and consists of a single terminal with limited facilities. Along with that it also has a single asphalt runway to allow bigger flights to land and take off. On the second floor of the passenger terminal of this airport, there are several shops and dining areas for the passengers to relax and pass their time while they wait for their flights to arrive and get parked at the bay. There is a third floor at the airport as well where there is an observation deck for the passengers to enjoy the sight of the flights taking off and landing to/from the runway. It is more like a pleasant pass time if you have kids along with you. The third floor observation deck can keep the kids busy while you can get your cup of coffee to keep an eye on them. Moreover, the airport also allows you to take chartered flights to/from this airport. You just have to get in touch with the right air charter service providers as they will help you with the booking procedures.






Iwate Hanamaki Airport Japan Location