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Private Jet Charter To/From Asahikawa Airport RJEC / AKJ


Asahikawa Airport is one of the biggest airports of Japan. This airport is located in Hokkaido, Japan and is capable of hosting large number of flights at once. To give you a figure, Asahikawa Airports has the capability of hosting over 84 domestic and 63 international flights every week. There is a single runway at this airport which provides non-stop flights to over 8 cities. The management authorities are putting in all their effort to ensure that the operations never get delayed. The terminal is quite luxurious and has a lot of restaurants within to help the passengers spend their time peacefully while their flight is yet to arrive. Along with the restaurants there are shops and stores that are meant for the passengers to hang out and buy souvenirs. The airport is operating with three big airlines out of which the Japan Airlines is considerably the biggest. Asahikawa airport is destined to help the passengers with domestic flight services. There are loads of scheduled flights every day to almost all cities of Japan. For better clarity, you can inquire with the airport staffs or check online about the airport timings. You can also book the chartered flights to move from/to Asahikawa Airport.






Asahikawa Airport Japan Location