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Private Jet Charter To/From Amami Airport RJKA / ASJ


Amami airport is located in the northeast region of the Amami city. It is a small airport of the city while the main airport is located in an Island named Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan. The Amami airport has a single asphalt runway for the big flights to land and take off. Along with that there is a small terminal building for the passengers to wait until their flight arrives. Even though the space is small, there are some of the shops, stores and facilities for you to explore while you wait for the flight. You can buy souvenirs or have food in the restaurants.
The thing that you need to keep in mind is that the Amami airport only operates the flight for domestic travel within the Islands of Japan. International travel has not yet started at Amami airport. Even though the terminal building is small, the passenger flow is always high here. There are lounges for the passengers or travellers to rest until their flight arrives. You can also book chartered flight services by getting in touch with the service providers or the airport authority. With private jets, you can move to/from Amami airport with utmost privacy and luxury.






Amami Airport Japan Location