Kurumoch International Airport

Kurumoch International

Kurumoch international airport is located 35km away from the city of Samara. The airport was constructed back in 1957 and was initially hosting cargo flights and was also used for military practice. In the year 1961, the airport witnessed first commercial flight departure from the runway. Since then, the airport has undergone several renovations upgrades to make this airport perfect for the travellers or passengers. Today, every year this airport sees more than one million passengers walking through the door. This international airport has a large number of schedules domestic flights taking off and landing from/to this airport. There are number of flights that are also operating the international flights to select destinations such as Phuket, Istanbul and others. The airport consists of two runways that are meant for handling all types of modern airlines. There is a main terminal building within the building with separate domestic and international departures. During the waiting time of the passengers, they can explore the shops, stores and other facilities around the terminal for their pass of time. Along with that, there are luxurious lounges for rest and relaxation of the passengers. For the VIP travellers there are luxurious business lounges available in the airport.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport


This airport is also known as Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield. It is located at the outside of Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The great attraction about this airport is that you will find a statue of Robin Hood within its terminal building. This airport is also connected to the local areas through road, bus, train, etc. Another significant fact about this airport is that its terminals have six numbers of departure gates. Passengers can find various shops, restaurants and many more within this airport. For VIP passengers this airport also has a VIP lounge. This airport has one runway, but in Doncaster Sheffield, this is the largest runway. It also has an emergency landing site which is another remarkable fact. Interestingly this airport has medium size terminal, but still, it serves flights across Europe. Interestingly passengers can also get free Wi-Fi facilities within the airport premises. If any economy class passengers also want to enjoy its airport lounge, then they can pay for it. You will also find toilets in many places at this airport. Its currency exchange facilities are also relatively high-quality. Moreover, passengers can enjoy various facilities at this airport. For solving passengers queries also this airport has representatives who can help passengers with their issues.

Anapa Airport


Anapa airport t was built to serve the city Anapa which is also known as the resort city. Along with that, this airport is meant for connecting the cities such as Temryuk and Nocorossiysk. Anapa airport is therefore considered to be as one of the 30 busiest airports of Russia. There is a single terminal building and single runway. Even though the airport is not as big as the top international airports, but it has many facilities for the passengers. Some of the amazing facilities available for the passengers include restaurants, bars, shops and others. Along with that there are lounge facilities that are meant for the VIP guests who pass through the airport doors.
There are common lounges as well for the passengers who are not so much keen about enhanced luxury and privacy. But for the bigger personalities and VIPs who want luxury and privacy above all can avail the VIP lounges. Even though there is a single terminal and runway, the passenger traffic in the airport is always high that keeps the staff busy and motivates the authorities to seek expansion for the airport. Moreover, you can also pick the charter flight services for moving to/from Anapa airport.