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Temperature Controlled Aircraft and Airfreight

Many industries rely on the shipment of sensitive materials through temperature controlled aircraft or airfreights. Materials like pharmaceutical drugs must be transported under strict temperature settings; otherwise, the cargo will be subjected to improper conditions and contribute to the billions of dollars wasted on mishandled products annually.

Engaging in this type of cargo transportation is no easy feat. A lot of things can go wrong in a typical shipping process, let alone one that needs to maintain strict temperature controls.                               

However, there is no need to worry if you choose to ship with a company that uses high-quality temperature controlled aircraft and airfreights. 

If you need to use this service to ship your sensitive materials, read on to learn more about how the process works and what to look for in a charter company. 

What Needs to Happen for Temperature Controlled Transportation to be Effective? 

Expedient Service 

Widespread and comprehensive distribution networks allow temperature controlled transportation to be effective. These networks work to get cargo from point A to point B extremely quickly. Transporters must have the infrastructure to collect items and send them overseas on the very same day. 

You should not wait unnecessarily for extensive approval processes. The faster your charter company can get your product to its destination, the more likely it won’t be negatively affected due to a change in temperature. 

Experts recommend that pharmaceutical companies create designated logistics teams that can clearly identify standard operating procedures and ensure that medicines get to where they need to be on time and at the right temperature. 

Full Responsibility

If you use a charter company, you need to make sure it will take full responsibility for your items. They should treat your products as if they were their own. Companies that have this mindset tend to provide the best treatment and safest shipping.

Immediately upon arrival, the charter company should check the temperature of your items and begin the monitoring process. Once the temperature has been reviewed, they should transport the items to the nearest airport via the most direct route available. While taking the scenic route may be nice, they need to efficiently get your goods to the final destination as time is of the essence.

If shipping internationally, you will also need to worry about the customs process. You need to ensure that your charter company has a plan and will ensure that everything makes it to its destination exactly when specified. 

It would be helpful if the company possessed Authorized Economic Operator status, making it possible to navigate complicated customs arrangements with ease. With this authorization, on-time delivery can be promised with more certainty. 

Tracking Services 

You want to have peace of mind about your shipment so that you can focus on your business. Letting someone else take care of your temperature controlled shipping concerns will give you the ability to fully attend to other pressing matters related to your business. 

You will want to ensure that your charter company offers a tracking service so that you can know exactly where your products are during every step of the temperature controlled air freight transportation process. 

While transporting sensitive items can be stressful, tracking procedures can help to relieve at least a bit of the headache. 

Training and Technology

You cannot merely hope that things will go well when transporting temperature controlled cargo; you must use the technology and driver training to ensure perfect delivery. 

All transportation vehicles should be outfitted with a whole slew of security and safety measures. Each vehicle must be maintained proactively. It would be best if you did not wait until there is a problem to seek out service. Instead, the vehicles need to be routinely serviced to ensure they are always ready to perform at a high level. 

The company you choose should be willing to go over their safety features in detail. It’s also important that they have a trained customer service team that’s ready to answer your questions. 

It is unacceptable for a vehicle to breakdown while transporting your precious cargo to the aircraft or airfreight, so preemptive measures must be taken to ensure that it does not happen.

Drivers need to be ready to perform, as well. They must possess extensive training in handling sensitive materials that may be medical, pharmaceutical, or hazardous. Proper training ensures that the drivers always know precisely what to do. This training also prepares them to act quickly in stressful situations to mitigate damage and provide the best possible service even as things start to go wrong.

Level 4 training is advisable because it allows them to deliver the cargo directly to the temperature-controlled aircraft. Drivers obtaining this training is essential so that your products will never sit idly on their own in a warehouse or holding center, leaving them prone to mistakes. 

Once your materials land at their destination, the charter company needs to ensure that all proper paperwork is transferred to the appropriate broker or agent to complete the delivery process. The company must do everything in their power to ensure that the cold chain is never broken, so that your items arrive in perfect condition.

Need a Temperature Controlled Aircraft You Can Trust?

Many things can go wrong in the transportation process, especially if maintaining a specific temperature is critical. However, Centurion Jets is here to ensure that your products are delivered in pristine condition. 

We follow all the guidelines detailed above and always work to go above and beyond for our clients. We understand the risks surrounding temperature controlled airfreight and have devised ways to mitigate them. Our years of experience have prepared us to strike the perfect balance between taking safety and security precautions and offering expedient service. 

Book Centurion today so that we can start taking excellent care of your materials and make sure they get where they need to be, when they need to be there, and in safe and pristine condition. Contact our team to book today, or if you have any questions or concerns about our process.