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Private Jet Charter To/From KHRABROVO Airport UMKK / KGD


This airport is serving Kaliningrad. The remarkable fact about this airport is that it has the capacity of handling large-sized aircraft. It has one passenger terminal and one runway. Inside its terminal, there is a canteen-style restaurant available and that is called Jet Buffet. There are many shops and cafes present at this airport. In this airport, you will find business and VIP lounges, and it will allow you to conduct business meetings too. It is located nearly 24 km north of the city which is present near village of the Khrabrovo. Khrabrovo airport operates its entire developmental and maintenance activities. There are many food & beverages outlets present at this airport. Also, you can get taxi services outside this airport. There is also a bus stop available outside of the terminal building. Moreover, this airport offers high-quality facilities for passengers. You will also find various hotels near this airport. In terms of safety also this airport offers secured services to passengers. There is a good parking area also available at this airport. In case you face any issues, then you can immediately contact its information desk. It will help you with all your queries and issues.






KHRABROVO Airport Russia Location