Volgograd International Airport

Volgograd International

Volgograd International Airport is an international airport located 15 km northwest of Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad, in Russia. This airport comprises a civilian airport built on top of an older military runway, now demolished. Volgograd International Airport includes a terminal area parks 42 medium/large aircraft and 91 small aircraft. It is a public airport that is operated by JSC “Volgograd International Airport.” Volgograd International Airport includes a brand new international and separate domestic terminal opened, bringing the airport’s operations in line with European standards. There is an increase in passenger traffic in 2018 due to the Russia World Cup. Volgograd International Airport is a popular airport that has a capacity for 42 aircraft on its apron, and the runway is suitable for most aircraft types, excluding wide-bodies. The best thing about this international airport is that it sits on a former military runway and was used during Stalingrad’s battle as a refueling station for the sixth German army. It also includes VIP facilities that include a business lounge in both the domestic and international terminal and a VIP lounge in the VIP terminal. It is open for twenty-four hours and is located twenty-nine kilometers from the Volgograd Arena.

Sheremetyevo International Airport

Sheremetyevo International

This airport is situated 35 km from Moscow and 37 km away from the football stadium. It consists of 4 terminals, and its new terminal was opened in 2012. The latest terminal or terminal A was designed for business and private aviation for providing more comfort. It is the central hub for Rossiya Airlines, Pegas Fly, Royal Flight, Nordwind Airlines and Aeroflot. This airport offers various high-quality facilities and services for passengers. Here you will get baggage trolley, baggage wrapping, baggage storage, self-service baggage drop, etc. facilities. Along with that, it also has a business lounge, shower rooms, mother-and-child room, VIP lounge, shower rooms, etc. Another significant fact is that here you will find charging stations throughout the airport. Passengers can enjoy its free and fast Wi-Fi connection. It also offers online check-in and online ticket buying facility. There are various hotels also available nearby this airport. You will also find a lost and found office. Another excellent thing about this airport is that it provides post office services for passengers. It also provides car rental services. Moreover, it offers various facilities for passengers and airport staff. In case you are feeling unwell, then you can avail of the medical assistance.

Sochi International Airport

Sochi International

Sochi International Airport is a major airport which is serving the Sochi city. It consists of a large terminal building which is the largest terminal building in Russia. It is situated around 29 km south of the centre of the Sochi city. You can reach here either by rail or road. Another remarkable fact about this airport, it is among the ten largest airports in Russia. The Sochi International Airport used to operate this airport. It provides various exciting facilities for passengers, including parking and car hire services. Also, it provides facilities for disabled passengers. Its terminal offers convenient facilities for departure and check-in. Some of the other amenities include baggage storage, restaurants, VIP services, pharmacy, banks, baggage locker, baby care room, and many more. Passengers can enjoy their free and fast Wi-Fi coverage. There are many hotels open nearby this airport. This airport also offers first aid services. Suppose you are feeling unwell or sick then you can avail of its medical benefits. You will find ATM throughout this airport. Here you will find a pharmacy for emergency purpose. Again, there is a separate parking area available for physically disabled people. Moreover, it has high-quality services for passengers as well as airport staff.

Strigino International

Strigino International Airport is an international airport located on the outskirts of the city’s Avtozavodsky District, 14 km (8.5 mi) southwest of city centre. This popular airport is responsible for serving the 3,281,000 residents of the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Strigino International Airport services the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. And it is owned and operated by JSC “Nizhny Novgorod International Airport” and HC Airports of Regions. This international airport was started as a domestic airport on 23rd July 1923, and in 1933 it got its international status. Strigino International Airport is considered one of the top 25 busiest airports in Russia. It is also sometimes referred to as Nizhy Novgorod Airport. The best thing about the Strigino International Airport is that it has a VIP lounge reserved for use by officials and government delegation. And you must also know that this airport is well connected to the local area, and there are plans to connect the airport via a high-speed railway to Moscow, with the railway line stretching between Moscow and Kazan. Strigino International Airport is operating twenty-four hours a day, and the airport is capable of handling aircraft up to the size of an Airbus A321 or equivalent.

Saransk Airport


Saransk Airport is situated just outside of Saransk. Multiple Russian airlines used to serve this airport. It consists of one runway with an asphalt surface. Saransk Airport is situated 7 km away from Saransk. The administration of Civil Airports is commonly known as the owner of this airport. This airport has the capacity to handle a limited number of passengers, but now it is planning to add more upgradation in this airport. Here, you will find the free resting zone. Another remarkable fact is this airport is open for 24 hours in a day. You will find various accommodation near the airport area. On its first floor, you will get luggage service. There is a coffee shop also open inside its main terminal building. Also, an ATM machine is available inside this airport which is entirely open all the time. If you are flying with your family or kids, you can also avail of the nursing room service. It also has adequate parking system for passengers. Moreover, this airport is entirely safe and secure for passengers. Now the airport planning to add more features to this airport. You will also find toilets throughout this airport. In case of any doubts, passengers can ask any airport staff.


Pulkovo Airport is an international commercial airport that serves St. Petersburg. The airport started its operation in 1932. It is considered one of the largest airports in Eastern Europe and Russia. It remains operational 24 hours a day. The airport features two runways. In 2013, a new terminal was opened in the Pulkovo airport, and two older terminals were permanently closed. In the new terminal of the airport, you can find a wide array of shops, chain restaurants, and state-of-the-art infrastructure to attract more travelers and increase the number of passengers. The airport is mainly used for passenger service. But it also has some cargo carriers. It has the capacity to effectively handling various sizes of aircraft except for the Airbus A380. The new terminal of the airport also has several VIP facilities such as the VIP lounge and business lounge to meet the needs of business people. It also offers WiFi connectivity to enable people to freely avail internet connections in the airport. The airport has all the facilities and amenities to ensure comfortable travel. Car rental services are also easily available at the Pulkovo Airport for the convenience of travelers. It serves as an ideal gateway for football fans to enter Russia.

Rostov-on-Don Airport


Rostov-on-Don Airport is an international airport located 8 km (5 mi) east of the city of Rostov-on-Don, in southern Russia. It is one of the largest airports in the south-west of Russia and the 12th busiest in the country. This international airport was founded in 1925 and was designated an international airport in 1986. Rostov-on-Don Airport served 50 destinations in Russia and abroad and hosted 30 airlines. It is a public airport that is a hub for Donavia. The best thing about this international airport is that it handled 2.06 million passengers, including 565 thousand on international routes. For future demolition, this Rostov-on-Don Airport is being closed. It is the 12th busiest airport in Russia and has been commercial success after it was introduced. Rostov-on-Don Airport includes VIP facilities within the terminal building for the tourist. This international airport is to be replaced with a brand new facility at the end of 2017 for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Rostov-on-Don Airport operates for twenty-four hours a day and as restricted landing slots. The airport has one runway and can handle aircraft up to a Boeing 767 or equivalent size.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Moscow Domodedovo

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is an international airport that is located forty-two kilometers south of Moscow. This airport is one of the three major airports that are serving the city, along with Sheremetyevo Airport and Vnukovo Airport. The Moscow Domodedovo Airport is located in Domodedovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 42 kilometers (26 mi) south-southeast from the center of Moscow. It is one of the largest airports in Russia and the former USSR in terms of passenger and cargo traffic. Moscow Domodedovo Airport is considered the second busiest airport in Russia after Sheremetyevo International Airport. East Line Group operates it, and the airport serves the city of Moscow. This airport began an impressive expansion project in the year 2013. The aim of the project was to gain certification for wide-body aircraft operations. The best thing about this airport is that it is now capable of handling aircraft of all sizes. Moscow Domodedovo Airport has a large terminal building that is formed of two separate concourses for domestic and international passengers. You may find all the useful amenities like a VIP lounge that offers complimentary food and beverages and a wide range of additional services in the terminal.

Moscow Vnukovo Airport

Moscow Vnukovo

Moscow Vnukovo Airport is the oldest airport in Moscow. This airport was mainly opened with a purpose for military purposes in the year 1930. Moscow Vnukovo Airport is serving Moscow after the Second World War. The other two airports are Domodedovo International Airport and Sheremetyevo International airport. Moscow Vnukovo Airport is located in Vnukovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia. The best thing about this airport is that it is used as an alternative airport during severe fog due to its effective height. In this airport, you may find two terminal A and D. terminal A is used for both domestic and international flights, and the terminal D is used for domestic arrivals from North Caucasus only. The Moscow Vnukovo Airport is capable of handling most common airlines with the exception of the Airbus A380. This airport is located in the center of Moscow, which is approximately twenty-eight kilometers away and could be reached using the Aero express train services or by shuttle bus. You may also find good road connections and taxi services at the airport. In the Moscow Vnukovo Airport, there are English spoken by staff and ground crew at the airport.

Kazan International Airport


Kazan International Airport is situated in Tartarstan, Russia. This airport is located near about 25 km southeast of the Kazan. Also, Kazan is known as the largest city of Tartarstan. In Russia, this airport is the 15th-busiest airport. It serves around 3.8 million citizens across the region. The Kazan International Airport used to operate this airport along with its developmental and maintenance works. It is the central hub for UVT Aero. This airport has three numbers of terminals. Its Terminal 2 handles all the regional flights. Near Terminal 1 you will find many shops and eateries. You will also find various retail shops and duty-free inside this airport. There are some airport lounges also present in this airport, and one lounge has shower system too. Its free Wi-Fi system helps to pass your time. You can find many high-standard hotels nearby this airport area. There is a business lounge also available at this airport. Its ATM is also available 24/7. Another significant fact about this airport is that it has baby care facilities too. In that baby care centre, you will find changing tables, nursing room, child room, and many more. Passengers can also enjoy currency exchange facilities. Its food courts are available throughout 24 hours.

Khrabrovo Airport


This airport is serving Kaliningrad. The remarkable fact about this airport is that it has the capacity of handling large-sized aircraft. It has one passenger terminal and one runway. Inside its terminal, there is a canteen-style restaurant available and that is called Jet Buffet. There are many shops and cafes present at this airport. In this airport, you will find business and VIP lounges, and it will allow you to conduct business meetings too. It is located nearly 24 km north of the city which is present near village of the Khrabrovo. Khrabrovo airport operates its entire developmental and maintenance activities. There are many food & beverages outlets present at this airport. Also, you can get taxi services outside this airport. There is also a bus stop available outside of the terminal building. Moreover, this airport offers high-quality facilities for passengers. You will also find various hotels near this airport. In terms of safety also this airport offers secured services to passengers. There is a good parking area also available at this airport. In case you face any issues, then you can immediately contact its information desk. It will help you with all your queries and issues.

Koltsovo International Airport

Koltsovo International

Koltsovo international airport is located 16km away from the city of Yekaterinburg in Russia. There is a seamless connectivity to the airport from the city. There is a central stadium in the city which is 17km away from the stadium and there are regular cabs and buses to bring you to the airport. It is one of the biggest airports of Russia and started its operations as civil airport in 1943. Since then it has undergone several renovations and is now one of the premium airports across the globe. The airport has the capacity of holding Boeing flights such as Boeing 757. There are multiple terminals meant for handling domestic and international flights separately. The terminals are equipped with luxurious amenities for the comfort of the passengers. There are VIP lounges, stores, shops and much more for keeping the passengers engaged throughout their waiting period at the airport. The airport is functional for 24 hours in a day. The ground crew at this airport rarely speak English. So, there might be some constraints for the passenger in terms of language barrier. The third terminal of the airport has all the VIP offerings and consists of dedicated check-in, passport control and baggage reclaiming facilities.