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Logistics for your unique business needs

Time-critical, over-sized, living or hazardous – however, substantial or complex the freight you need to move,
and whenever you need it to be, you can rely on Centurion Jets for you air cargo needs and our experienced team
to take the weight off your shoulders.

Turnkey and Reliable
Cargo Solutions

Send a shipment anywhere in the world, safely and quickly. From horses to horsepower, we handle all kinds of specialized cargo.

When your package needs extra attention, we create tailored solutions to ensure your delivery is on schedule and within the budget.

We truly believe we are the best choice for air cargo charter solutions.

Send anything, anywhere and anytime across the globe.

No matter what you need to send, we deliver it safely and swiftly. Whether it is something as small as valuable artifact or as large as heavy industrial equipment, we efficiently handle all types of cargo without any hassle.

We offer small cargo charter planes as well as heavy transport aircraft for cargo charter and humanitarian air and supply logistics. Our team can track your shipment in real-time and monitor temperature, humidity, shock, pressure and light throughout the journey of your cargo until it reaches its final destination.

Purpose built solutions

At Centurion Jets we spend the time to immerse ourselves into each industry to craft tailored solutions for our customers because we believe that when a solution is purpose built, we can create real value for our clients.

Our knowledgeable and experienced experts conduct route analysis, assess payload and time scales. Based on this information, we suggest the most suitable choice of cargo charter aircraft that fits your needs. Our team can also assist with any customs documentation necessary for your shipment.

The benefits of choosing us

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