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El Gouna

El Gouna Airport is the popular and the best airport that is a designated Airstrip in the Red Sea resort of El Gouna. This El Gouna Airport has a five thousand two feet long runway, and it also has a traffic control tower, which is only used to coordinate the departure and arrivals of flights into […]

El Nouza

El Nouza Airport is also known as Alexandria International Airport, located seven kilometers south of the city of Alexandria, in northern Egypt. In 2010 this airport was closed for renovation works, and it will be closed for a future period as the improvement is still going on to the runway. El Nouza Airport also has […]

Borg El Arab Airport

Borg El Arab Airport is a famous international airport which is situated in Alexandria, Egypt. In Borg El, this airport is located about 40 km southwest of Alexandria. The Nile Delta metropolitan region surrounds it. This airport operated under the supervision of the Egyptian Airport Company (EAC). Recently this airport has undergone various renovation processes. […]

Al Arish

Al Arish is yet another small airport that has recorded only 6000 passengers in the year 2011. There are many less travellers who walk in or out through the doors of Al Arish Airport. Even though the airport is small, there is a fair amount of traffic volume within. Amongst all the passengers, the most […]

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is yet another small airport that is situated in the Southern region of Egypt. It has a small terminal for the passengers and a single runway to operate limited flights. The limited flights are specified to fewer locations. Mostly people only fly to this place to see the famous Abu Simbel temples. Therefore, […]