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Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is yet another small airport that is situated in the Southern region of Egypt. It has a small terminal for the passengers and a single runway to operate limited flights. The limited flights are specified to fewer locations. Mostly people only fly to this place to see the famous Abu Simbel temples. Therefore, the facilities are less and the airport is just to welcome the travellers in Egypt to give them a comfortable transportation. If you want to travel to Abu Simbel through chartered planes, you can do it by getting in touch with the respective booking agencies.
Along with that, the Abu Simbel Temples are termed to be UNESCO World Heritage Site that is very much popular amongst the tourists. People take up smaller flights such as chartered planes to visit Abu Simbel. The facilities in the airport is less because people do not halt here in the passenger terminals as they go out for a tour right after landing and get back to their flights right away after the completion of their tour. Even though the airport is small, the count of tourists visiting the city every year keeps it full. With limited staff members, the airport authority has managed to do a good job with handling the passengers and offering them ease of traveling.






Abu Simbel Airport Egypt Location