United Kingdom

Guernsey Airport


Guernsey Airport is the only airport on the island. It is a beautiful airport with all the best facilities. This Guernsey Airport deals with all incoming and outgoing aircraft. There is a small runway in Guernsey Airport that limits the airport for smaller commercial airlines and lighter cargo. This airport is located in the forest, a parish in Guernsey, and 2.5 nautical miles southwest of St. Peter Port. Guernsey Airport features mostly flights to Great Britain and some other European destinations. It is a public airport that is operated by the States of Guernsey and serves Guernsey. Guernsey Airport is a popular hub for Aurigny and Blue Islands. This airport is open from 6:30 am to 9 pm, seven days a week. The best thing about this airport is that you can charter in to enjoy a private lounge, security, and immigration screening before exploring all this beautiful island has to offer. Guernsey Airport terminal is designed to be able to handle about 1.25 million passengers per year. The extended runway provides a broader range of flights in and out of the island, increasing the economy and number of island visitors each year. Guernsey Airport is a beautiful airport that you could visit.

Cranfield Airport


Cranfield Airport is situated near the village of Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England. It is located 7 NM south-west of Bedford and 5.5 NM east of Milton Keynes. Another significant fact about this airport is that now it is used for private flights, business aviation purpose, developmental activities and research & development programs. The Cranfield Management Development Centre (CMDC) focusing on its developmental activities. Cranfield Airport also has an ordinary licenced aerodrome which is doing various research activities. This airport carries out these research processes every time and also go for “prior permission required” called PPR. In that airport, all pilots also carry PPR for ensuring the flight timing plans. Also, this airport is governed through local security policies to provide secured facilities to customers and their properties. This airport’s architect and design are also highly developed. Along with that, you can also get rental cars or vehicles for transportation. There is a parking place also present near this airport. If you want to stay in any hotel, then you can also go for searching online. Inside this airport, you can find charging stations, Wi-Fi access facilities and others. In terms of passenger’s safety, this is one of the best airports.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Glasgow Prestwick

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is a popular and beautiful international airport that is serving the west of Scotland. This airport is situated one nautical mile northwest of the town of Prestwick in South Ayrshire and thirty-two miles from Glasgow. This popular airport is famed as being the only place in the UK that Elvis Presley ever set foot. Glasgow Prestwick Airport is the popular sport in the current situation for pilot training as well as military refueling stops. Prestwick Aviation Holdings Ltd operates this airport, and it is considered the fifth-busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic after Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Inverness. However, it is the largest in terms of land area. The best thing about Glasgow Prestwick Airport is that it is open twenty-four hours and seven days a week. Hence you could land anything from a helicopter to a commercial airliner on its runway. If you want, you could also enjoy the private terminal. The private terminal of Glasgow Prestwick Airport includes a luxurious lounge and complimentary refreshments in privacy. This airport is a popular and effective airport with the best services that you could enjoy to a great extent.

Coventry Airport


Coventry Airport has situated 3NM south-southeast of the Coventry city, which is in Baginton, England. This airport’s development and maintenance work is operated by Coventry Airport Limited. Also, this airport has a CAA number which is known as the ordinary licence number which allows public transport for the passengers of the flight. You can get all types of transportation facilities at this airport. Interestingly, Coventry airway station is also situated in fifteen minutes away from the airport. And regular and smart bus services are connected with Coventry airport. You can get its car parking area, right next to its passenger terminal. It offers safe and secure parking experience to its passengers. So you will not face any problem with carrying your bags and heavy luggage. This airport also offers to handle agents for assistance and support of passengers. Passengers can also get necessary shops, food café, dining space and much more. There is an ATM also present near its café. In this airport, you will also find gift shops near its departure lounge. There is a Wi-Fi facility also available in this airport. Moreover, this airport will allow you to experience a comfortable journey, and also it provides various facilities for passengers.

Fairoaks Airport


Fairoaks Airport is located north of woking with its tarmac runaway caters for light aircraft and helicopters. It provides a private jet charter service that includes helicopter charter services and an online private jet. Fairoaks Airport is a thriving world-class general aviation hub that provides state of the art facilities that are useful. This popular airport is a great alternative for those looking to explore Surrey and the surrounding area or explore London without landing in its midst. You may find two flight schools base in this airport, and it is used mainly for general aviation. The best thing about Fairoaks Airport is that it includes a comfortable lounge and facilities for those traveling through on business. On the opening time, there are certain restrictions. It also includes a pub and other community facilities. Fairoaks Airport is best for a private jet, a charter service that facilitates both business and leisure purposes. This facility is best for busy professionals as it offers time-efficiency. It is the quickest way to check-ins to faster transit times. It is a beautiful airport that you could travel to to enjoy the beauty of the United Kingdom.

East Midlands Airport

East Midlands

East Midlands Airport is the famous airport located in Castle Donington, Derby DE74 2SA, United Kingdom. This airport is situated in an exceptionally rural area but is well connected via the M1 and A42. The best thing about the East Midlands Airport is that it was favorable with low-cost carriers and tour operators you could choose for leisure travelers. It also has a single runway that is capable of receiving mid to large-sized airliners. This East Midlands Airport also operates as an essential cargo hub for over fourteen cargo operators in addition to passenger services. Due to this effective addition of passenger services, the East Midlands Airport is being ranked the second busiest airport in the UK for cargo traffic behind London Heathrow Airport. In this airport, you may find the best food restaurants you could enjoy in the best possible manner. East Midlands Airport has only one terminal and one check-in hall for the passenger services. If you are searching for the most popular destination from the East Midlands Airport, then Alicante in Spain is the most popular and favorable destination that you may love to visit. And the best part is that this favorable destination is near the East Midlands Airport.

Cambridge City

Cambridge City Airport is a beautiful airport that is now known as Cambridge International Airport. This international airport is located on the eastern outskirts of Cambridge, south of Newmarket Road and west of Teversham. Cambridge International Airport is available for corporate and private use. It also allows public transport of passengers or for flying instruction. This international airport is now operating some of the scheduled services that could perfectly meet the passenger’s needs. Here in this airport, you may find a long enough runway for any aircraft, and it is open from seven in the morning till nine at night from Monday to Friday. It is open from eight in the morning till seven in the night on Saturday and Sunday. The best thing about this international airport is that it includes some of the best airport facilities, like a business lounge, Costa Coffee, Wi-Fi, and lounge-style ambiance for its tourist. The Cambridge International Airport is ideally located only three miles from the city centre. It offers on-airport car parking, bus and ground transport from the city centre and local towns. The tourist could get air charter services, offering private jet charters for both business and leisure purposes.

Blackpool Airport


Blackpool is a small airport that is located at the Fylde coast in Blackpool. Even though the airport is small, they host flights to over 20 European destinations. Back in 2004, this airport has undergone refurbishment worth £2 million that added many facilities to the passenger terminal. Now, there are shops, stores, restaurants, bars and many other such facilities to keep the passengers engaged while they wait for their scheduled flights to arrive. The waiting areas are improved and the check-in facilities are also improved. Along with that, this airport is also equipped with facilities to act as flying schools for training purposes. There is fire safety courses held at this airport. After the expansion of the airport, the ground has been offered to several sectors for better utilization. Along with the scheduled flights, this airport also permits landing and take-off of chartered flights or private jets. People can book chartered flights through air charter service providers to ensure comfort, luxury and privacy even during the flight travels. You just have to reach out to the right firm who can help offer you the booking of private jets at affordable pricing. If needed, they will also handle your documentation needs to take permission from the airport authorities.


Birmingham airport consists of three private jet terminals for the chartered flights to land and take off to/from the airport. There is a cargo section in the airport where all these jet terminals are located. There are VIP facilities available within the airport premises for helping the passengers enjoy the luxury amenities while they are waiting for the flights. There are private lounges that are destined to give you the luxury and comfort as per your requirements. Moreover, you can also book chartered flights and private jets to travel to/from this airport. Apart from the scheduled flights that takes off and lands at this airport, most of the chartered flights and private jets are also preferably used here by the passengers who want more privacy and luxury during their flight journey. You just have to get in touch with the air charter service providers to ensure that your booking is done seamlessly. If needed, they will also recommend you to take the permission of the airport authorities to allow your chartered flight to land or take off to/from this airport. The airport is operational throughout the year. So, you can book your flight to travel to/from here at any time of the year.


BARRA AIRPORT is the popular landing place for the tourist. It is a short-run airport situated in the wide shallow bay of Traigh Mhor at the northern tip of Barra’s island. This airport is one of the most spectacular and beautiful airports in the world that attract a large number of tourists. And it is the only airport where the scheduled flight land on a beach. The BARRA AIRPORT is an open gateway to the beautiful natural beauty of the Island of Barra. In this airport, you could find a comfortable terminal and a runway set on the beach, which is washed by the tide twice a day. The best thing about this airport is that it is perfect for a rustic escape with plenty of outdoor activities. The kit is an area of stunning natural beauty. Barra Airport has a limited opening time due to its beach runway. BARRA AIRPORT is one of the only places in the world where flights take off from a sand beach. It is the only beach airport that is to be used for scheduled airline services. In this airport, you could enjoy the beautiful traveling experience that you could effectively enjoy.