United Kingdom

London Biggin Hill Airport

London Biggin Hill

London Biggin Hill Airport is located right outside of London and is popularly known for the air shows that are conducted here. It deals with business and private aviation services and is a quiet location around the region. The airport has a good reputation for its quality services and impeccable facilities. The airport is open from 6:30 am to 10pm and is operational only from Monday to Friday. For the weekends and bank holidays, the airport functions from 9am to 8pm. It has a single runway that is paved with asphalt and has the potential to withstand all types of aircrafts irrespective of the size of it. Along with that, the airport authorities are also dedicated to ensure that the flight management aspects are taken into prime consideration. If you are planning on a business or private visit to Biggin Hill, London through private jets or chartered flights, you can book for it with air charter service providers and board the flight with the booking pass. Travelling in private jets adds comfort and privacy to the journey. Therefore, most of the VIP passengers who want privacy above all prefer to travel in private jets over scheduled flights with their family or business partners.

London City Airport

London City

London City Airport is one of the largest of United Kingdom. It is the only one airport amongst the many London airports that is located in the city centre. It is quite connected to the Canary Wharf which is the business district of London. This airport is highly accessible by all the citizens of London. The airport has a close proximity to all of London and is perfect for the people who want to avoid long road travels to reach the airport. The airport consists of a single terminal and has all the facilities that are essential for comfort of the passenger. The terminal building consists of shops, stores, restaurants, bars and others. The land area of this airport is restricted due to the surrounding city premises. Therefore, there are no aircraft maintenance facilities within this airport. The airport permits both private as well as commercial aviation operations. The runway of this airport is suitable to handle flights of all sizes. The opening time of the airport is 6:30 to 22:30 and it is operational from Monday to Friday. For weekends, the timing for the airport on Saturday is 6:30 to 13:00 and for Sunday is 12:30 to 22:30.

London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick

London Gatwick Airport is considerably the second largest airport in UK. Along with that, it is also the second busiest airport of UK in terms of passenger count. The airport is located right outside London near Crawley. The airport consists of two terminals and it hosts a shuttle service between these terminals for the passengers to travel from one terminal to other. There is a single runway at this airport that has the capacity of handling take-off and landing of all sized flights. There are plenty of shops, stores, bars, restaurants and food stores available within the airport terminals for the comfort of passengers. There are lounges available for the passengers to relax and rest while they are waiting for their flight. There are private lounges within the airport for the VIP passengers that serve refreshments and offers enhanced comfort and privacy to them. There are separate lounges for the passengers who are travelling to or from this airport in chartered flights or private jets. You need to make sure that you have done your booking from the private air charter service providers. They will handle your documentation and permission needs to get you boarded on your private jets to travel to/from London Gatwick Airport.

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow

London Heathrow Airport is the largest amongst most of the airports of the UK capital. It is located on the west of the city and has a record of handling over 70 million passengers every year. In all of Europe, it is considerably the busiest commercial airport. On world demographics, this airport is the third busiest airport across the globe. The London Heathrow Airport started back in 1929 and was a small airfield back then. The airport was then developed in 1944 to make it ready for handling passengers for commuting to different domestic and international destinations. This airport has 5 terminal buildings within the airport and all are equipped with modern amenities for the comfort and luxury of the passengers while they wait for their flights. Some of the common amenities of the airport include shops, restaurants, stores, VIP lounges and others. Along with that, there are two runways presently operating at the London Heathrow airport. There are plans to add another runway to the airport by the year 2025 to manage the flight operations more seamlessly. This airport serves 180 destinations and 85 countries across the globe. Some of the most popular travel destinations from Heathrow are NY, Dublin, Amsterdam and others.

London Oxford Airport

London Oxford

London Oxford airport is located in the middle of Midlands and London. The passengers can have easy access to both the destinations. The airport operates from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm throughout the week and year. The airport has facilities to cater all types of aircrafts or flights. The terminal building consists of a luxurious lounge that has immigration and security facilities within. The passengers can halt at the lounge while their schedule flight arrives and gets ready to board. The terminal building consists of some more facilities such as shops, café, restaurants, bars, free Wi-Fi and much more. You can use these amenities to relax within the airport premises to ensure that you pass your time well while waiting for the flight to arrive. Along with that, the airport also allows private jets and chartered flights to land and take off to/from here with special permission and booking. One needs to reach out to the private air charter service providers to get the bookings done. They will also get all the necessary permissions from the airport authorities to book your travel to/from this airport through private jet. You can avail all the privacy and comfort when you travel in chartered planes.

London Southend Airport


This airport is situated in Essex, Southend of London. It is around 36 miles from London. The Stobart Group used to operate this airport along with its entire developmental activities. Also, this airport is the hub for Jota Aviation. Its terminal building consists of a luxurious airport lounge and other refreshments. This airport offers various great facilities to passengers. There are many vehicle parking options available, and you can find them near the terminal building. Passengers can also pre-book their parking space to get an area at the best price in advance. You can also find ATMs in departures and arrivals. There is only a single terminal present at this airport. Inside the airport premises, there are restaurants, shops and many eateries available. If you lose any of your items, you can fill a lost property inquiry form, and that will be resolved within 24 hours. This airport also offers medical help in emergency cases. Suppose you are feeling unwell, you can contact any airport staff and arrange medical facilities for you. You can also conduct meetings inside this airport. Moreover, it offers excellent facilities to passengers along with proper security and care.

London Stansted Airport


This airport has one central passenger terminal. Also, it is the fourth busiest airport in the UK in terms of passenger traffic. It is situated 42 miles northeast of Central London. The Stansted Airport Limited operates this airport. Another remarkable fact about this airport is that it is the primary hub for Ryanair. This airport serves the East of England and London. Also, this airport provides various exciting facilities for passengers. Here, passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi connections. You can also find a meeting room at this airport, and it will allow you to conduct meetings or conferences. In its departure lounge, you will find restrooms. There are free drinking water fountains available along with water bottle filling stations throughout the terminal. Many shopping options also available at this airport. There are many hotels available nearby the airport. Passengers can also get a taxi and rental car facilities near this airport. It has many eateries options too. Along with that, it also offers various VIP facilities such as VIP meeting rooms, VIP lounges, business conference halls, and many more. Another significant fact is that there is quiet space available to spend peaceful time or for prayer purposes. Moreover, it offers excellent services to passengers.

Jersey Airport


This airport is situated in Parish of Saint Peter, and it is 4 NM west-northwest of Saint Helier of Jersey. Jersey Airport is operating its entire developmental and maintenance activities. And it is the only airport present on the island as the whole. Another interesting fact is that this airport is 30 or 40 minutes from London and Paris. To enjoy the island and other beautiful places, people across the world used to come to this place. However, it offers various excellent facilities to its passengers. There is complimentary baggage trolley available throughout the airport, and after using these, passengers need to return the trolley. This airport also provides medical first aid facilities to passengers. If you feel sick or not well, then you can approach the airport’s staff, and they will assist you with all your issues. Wi-Fi access is also provided throughout this airport. There are executive lounges also available inside the premises.Along with that, you will find clean and maintained toilets throughout the airport. In case of any emergency or queries, passengers can also contact the information desk for help. Moreover, this is quite a safe airport for passengers and provides various useful facilities too.

Humberside Airport


Humberside airport hosts international flights and has no restrictions for allowing flights to land or take off here. All types of flights can land or take off to/from here. People who want to travel to UK via Humberside in Chartered flights can book with the private service providers and land here at this airport. Along with this service facility, Humberside airport is also equipped with five resident flying schools to educate the aspiring pilots and airport management staff. There is permission for the smaller aircrafts and large commercial jets to land here with authorized permissions and grants. People who are willing to visit the Midlands of UK for business purpose or family tours can plan their travel to Humberside airport. For booking chartered flights, you might have to take permission of the airport authorities and get in touch with the private air charter service providers. By traveling in chartered flights, you will ensure comfort, privacy and luxury. Moreover, this airport is small with limited facilities for the passengers. But there is a development project in the pipeline to help the airport grow with more amenities for the passengers to avail comfort and luxury while they wait for their flights.

Inverness Dalcross Airport

Inverness Dalcross

Inverness Dalcross Airport is known to be as the gateway of highlands. For all the people who want to explore Inverness can prefer using this airport for their air commute. The surrounding highlands and the nearby islands can offer the best scenic pleasures for the travellers. Right beside the airport there is a Highland Aviation Museum which is the best spot for the travellers to start their tour with. Apart from the scenic beauty and tourist spots, there are fewer facilities within the airport terminal. There are two terminals out of which one is private while the other one is the main terminal. The main terminal is just a short distance away from the private one. Even though there are less amenities, everything that is essential is readily available in the airport. There is a lounge for the passengers to relax and rest, shops to buy souvenirs, small food stores to satisfy food cravings and others. These facilities are enough for a small airport like Inverness Dalcross. It has a single asphalt runway that hosts landing and take-off of heavy flights. The airport management authorities are also quite responsive in handling their services to maintain the flow of flights.

Isle of Man Ronaldsway Airport

Isle of Man Ronaldsway

Ronaldsway Airport is the only airport in the city of Isle of Man. It is a beautiful island and has the only gateway as this airport. The regional airliner size flights can be attended by this airport’s runway. The main terminal of this airport consists of shops, food outlets, lounges and other recreational facilities. The airport is open for passengers from Monday to Saturday from 6:15 AM to 8:40 PM. On Sunday, the flights operate from 7am to 8:45 PM. There are many scheduled flights that are hosted by this airport to help passengers connect to this beautiful island for tour or business needs. Along with that, there are facilities available for you to land or take off to/from this airport with chartered flights and private jets. The chartered flights are meant for people who are willing to avail luxury and comfort even for their flight travel. You just have to get in touch with some of the best air charter service providers to get your bookings done without much hassle. Get your private jets booked at affordable pricing to come visit this beautiful island with your family for a seasonal vacation tour. You might have to take permissions from airport authorities for travelling through chartered flights which will be done by the service providers.

Farnborough Airport


This airport is well-known as an operational business/executive general aviation airport, which is situated in Farnborough, England. Farnborough Airport Ltd operates its developmental and maintenance activities. It is located in Farnborough, Rushmoor, Hampshire. Another significant aspect of this airport is that this aerodrome has a license that allows its flights for public transport. The great fact about this airport is that it provides 5-star passenger services to passengers. These facilities are designed to ensure the high-quality of the journey experience for passengers. Passengers can enjoy a fast track entrance facility at this airport. There is a direct access system to aircraft in a vehicle also allowed. You will also find a spacious car parking area outside its terminal. Another remarkable fact is that passengers can also enjoy the electrical car parking facility. There are luxurious and excellent lounge facilities also available. Also, on special request, the private and meeting rooms lounge system available. You can also find a gaming station at this airport. Passengers can also travel with their pets based on a pet travel scheme. There is a charging station available throughout the airport. You will also find food and beverages facilities, which are available 24/7 within the airport.