United Kingdom

Sumburgh Airport


Sumburgh Airport is situated at the southern tip of the central island. It consists of a single terminal building which is serving across mainland Scotland. This airport is located 17 NM south of Lerwick. Also, this airport is owned and operated by Highlands and Islands Airport Limited. It majorly serves Shetland. Moreover, this airport offers various impressive facilities for passengers. There are many shops and a café open near this airport. Another remarkable fact is that it provides multiple disabled facilities. If you want to conduct any business meeting at the airport, you can use its meeting room. It allows passengers to conduct official meetings and conferences. Here, the information desk is also available for guiding passengers with their issues and problems. There is a safe and secure parking area is open. You will find various hotels nearby this airport. Another remarkable fact is that here you will get washrooms throughout this airport. Again, you can quickly get rental car and bus services, and their charges are quite nominal. In case of any difficulties, you can speak to staff at its check-in desk. There are many local taxies also open in this airport. However, it is quite a safety and secure airport.

Swansea Airport


Swansea Airport is situated in southwest Wales. Now its facilities and services are limited, but all are quite convenient. It is located approximately 6 miles to the west of Swansea, in Wales. The Swansea Airport Ltd. used to operate this airport along with its maintenance and developmental activities. Moreover, this airport offers comfortable services for passengers. There are many restaurants open nearby this airport. This airport is quite large in size, and it is relatively easy to find too. However, it has a good parking area for vehicle parking. You will find toilets throughout this airport. Its free and fast Wi-Fi coverage helps passengers to pass their time. You will get the rental bus and rail facilities for easy transportation. Again, their charges are quite nominal. If you want to explore all tourists’ place in the UK, this airport is the best option for you. Also, near this airport, you will find various high-quality hotels starting from low range to top class. Another remarkable fact about this airport is that it allows free parking facilities for passengers. Again, passengers can ask their doubts to the airport staff. They will assist you with your difficulties. You will also find toilets in this area.

Stapleford Airport


Stapleford Airport is a private airport for operational general aviation aerodrome in the Epping Forest district of Essex, England, near the village of Abridge. This airport is about 3.4 nautical miles (6.3 km; 3.9 mi) south of North Weald Airfield and 4.5 NM (8.3 km; 5.2 mi) north of Romford. Stapleford Flight Centre operates this Stapleford Airport. And you may find this airport within the M25, close to the junction with the M11. The best thing about this airport is that it has CAA Ordinary Licence that allows flights for passengers’ public transport or for flying instruction as authorised by the licensee. This airport is mainly used for general aviation. You may find two runways in the Stapleford Airport and among the two on is partly asphalt, and the other one is grass. Stapleford Airport has been used for training pilots for PPL up to CPL and ARPL over forty years. It also offers business charter services. The London sightseeing flights and private charter flights are using the aerodrome in this Stapleford Airport. It is a popular airport that has been used for multiple purposes.

Southampton Airport


It is an ideal gateway for the south coast of the country. It hosts a lot of scheduled domestic as well as international flights. It is a renowned airport that is just 15 minutes away from the Hampshire County. It links the main airport terminal with the private terminal that is meant for the VIP passengers who travel in chartered flights or private jets. It is a big airport with many amenities available for the passengers. There are parking spaces available for the passengers to park their vehicles while they are here to board the flights. The terminal is full of luxurious amenities to give comfort to the passengers while they wait for their flight. There are lounges, refreshment counters, free Wi-Fi, shops, stores and much more. If you are seeking more privacy and comfort, you can prefer travelling in chartered flights or private jets to/from this airport. You just have to take the permission of the airport authority and get your bookings done. You can reach out to private air charter service provider to help you out with the booking and permission procedures. They will help you avail the chartered flight service at affordable pricing.

London RAF Northolt Airport

London RAF Northolt

London RAF Northolt is situated in South Ruislip which is 2 NM from Uxbridge in London Borough in Hillingdon. Also, this airport handles various private civil flights. It has a single runway with a well-developed asphalt surface. The Royal Air Force used to operate this airport along with its developmental activities. Again, it offers various safe aircraft parking and landing. You will find multiple catering facilities, eateries, food options, etc. in the airport premises. For VIP passengers this airport provides a private jet terminal. It offers private jets and helicopters including airbus business jets and Boeing. You can also conduct business meetings at this airport, and it has all types of facilities for this. Its amenities and services include ground transportation, passenger handling, toilets, potable water, refuelling, VIP lounge, crew facility, aircraft parking, De-icing, passenger meeting room, etc. Also, this airport has good facilities for drinking water. It provides secured services to passengers. There are many hotels present nearby this airport. Here, you can find hotels according to your budget and requirements. You will find charging stations throughout this airport. Also, it has good connections with other places in the city. In case of difficulty, you can contact its airport staff for help.

Nottingham Airport


Nottingham Airport is also referred to as Nottingham City Airport. This beautiful airport is located less than four miles outside Nottingham City Airport, Tollerton Ln, Tollerton NG12 4GA. Nottingham Airport is considered as the primary airport that serves general aviation and has two runways. Among the two, one runway is 1050 m x 30 m, and the other one is 821 m x 23 m. The longer runway among the two is equipped with lighting for night flying, which operates during the winter flying season. The popular Nottingham Airport is a private airport that is operated by Truman Aviation Ltd. The best thing about this airport is that it is considered one of the closest airports to any city center in the United Kingdom. Nottingham Airport is unlike nearby East Midlands Airport as it is easier to fly out off due to landing slots being less restricted. And you must know that the landing fees in this Nottingham Airport are substantially lower. In this airport, you may also find refueling facilities that are available for piston and jet aircraft. It also includes hanger and maintenance facilities and a small café.

London Luton Airport


It was previously known as Luton International Airport. It is located in the north of city. Also, this airport is situated 1.5 miles east of Luton town in Bedfordshire, England, and even 28 miles north of London. The London Luton Airport operations Ltd used to operate this airport. This is the central hub for Ryanair, TUI Airways, easy Jet UK, and Wizz Air UK. There is a single runway present, which length is 2,160 m. Also, this airport has one terminal which handles over 15 million passengers each year. It consists of 60 check-in desks, flight information systems, modern baggage information, and many more. There is a 24-hour luggage storage facility available near its check-in building. Another remarkable fact is that this airport is open 24/7, so passengers can access its terminal at any time. It also provides several business facilities such as executive lounges and business communication aids. If you are flying with your families, then you can enjoy various facilities. It also has facilities for disabled travelers. You can also explore your duty-free shopping at this airport. There are information desks also available for helping passengers with their queries and doubts.

Lyon-Bron Airport


Lyon-Bron Airport is situated just outside of Lyon. It offers various luxurious services and facilities for passengers. This airport is located at Bron, which is 10 km east of Lyon. The Aeroports de Lyon SA used to operate this airport along with its developmental and maintenance activities. It used to serves Lyon, France. Another remarkable fact is this airport is now known as a dedicated general aviation airport. It provides airport guides for passengers. There is a free parking system also available, and there you can park your vehicle on a long-term and short-term basis. Along with that, here you can get complimentary refreshment services. There is a high-quality lounge also available. Another VIP lounge also available with high-quality facilities. The entire airport is always strict about passengers’ safety and offers convenient services to them. You can again book hotels nearby this airport. There are rental car or vehicle services also available for easy transportation. You can also find a meeting room, and there you can conduct business meetings and conferences. In this airport, you will also find an information desk, and you can contact them in case of your queries and doubts. You will also find toilets throughout the airport.

Manchester Airport


Manchester Airport is an international airport which is situated at Ringway, Manchester. It is located at 7.5 NM south-west of the Manchester city center. This airport has three numbers of passenger terminals along with a cargo terminal. It operates two runways. Another remarkable fact is this airport covers around 560 hectares and has flight connections to over 199 destinations. The Manchester Airport plc used to operate this airport. This is also the primary hub for EasyJet UK, Virgin Atlantic, TUI Airways, Ryanair, and Jet2.com. It offers various excellent facilities and options to passengers. There is also a quiet space available for prayer purposes. Here, passengers can easily pass their time by using free Wi-Fi connections. This airport can also provide you a convenient shopping facility. Recently, there is a new private terminal also developed, and it is open for all passengers. In this airport, you will also find an information desk that can assist you with your queries and doubts. For convenient vehicle parking, there is a parking area also available. You can also pre-book your hotels in advance according to your requirement. Moreover, it has many convenient facilities for passengers. You will also find various eateries and food shops inside this airport.

Leeds Bradford Airport

Leeds Bradford

Leeds Bradford Airport is one of the best airports of UK that is located in Yeadon. Yeadon is within the Leeds Metropolitan District and is around 7 miles away from the city of Leeds. Most of the UK airlines count on it as the main base and many other airlines also have scheduled flights to and from this airport. There is an expansion idea in the pipeline for this airport that will change the face of it. Presently, the airport operates with only one runway but has very responsive management staffs that take care of all the essential operations to keep the flights on schedule for most of the time. Scheduled flights are rarely delayed at this airport due to the co-operative efforts of the staff. There is a single terminal building with all the essential amenities meant for the passengers to avail comfort and luxury while they wait for their flights at the airport. Some of the facilities include bars, shops, stores, restaurants, lounges, free Wi-Fi and much more. There are private lounges at minimal cost for the VIP passengers who want utmost privacy and comfort during their halt at the airport. The VIP lounge within the Leeds Bradford Airport premises is names as Yorkshire Premiere Lounge.

Leicester Airport


Leicester Airport is a well located small airport that is currently being operated by the local flying school. The airport has a very short runway for which bigger schedules flights are not permissible to land or take off here. It is not an appropriate airport for different sized aircrafts. It is perfect for the chartered flights and private jets. The opening hours are limited at this airport as it is operated by a flying school. Therefore, if you have to land at this airport to catch a chartered flight from here, you need to give prior information to the authorities to get your arrangements done. It is a small airport and has less or no scheduled flights taking off or landing here. Therefore, there are no many amenities available within the airport for passenger comfort. But still, there is a lounge for the passengers to wait until their flight is ready to board. For booking the chartered flights, the passengers need to get in touch with the air charter service providers to ensure that all the booking formalities are handled by them. The only thing that you will have to do is take your booking pass and board the arranged personal flight ready at the bay for you.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Liverpool John Lennon

Liverpool John Lennon Airport is named after John Lenon who was a musician in the band Beatles. The airport is meant for operating with flights to Liverpool and the surrounding areas. This airport is located few miles away from the centre of the city that makes it easily accessible for the passengers. The airport was opened back in 1930s and is since then termed to be as one of the Europe’s fastest growing airports. The airport consists of a modern terminal building which was constructed back in 2001 to add more amenities and facilities for the travellers. Some of the facilities included within the modern-day constructed terminal building are shops, stores, restaurants, private lounges, resting rooms and others. Along with that there are many other facilities such as car rental services, car parking services, paid VIP lounges and much more. The airport is also connected pretty well with the city through road links. Public transportation facilities are available for the passengers and locals to travel to and from the airport. The airport also consists of refuelling facilities and has hangers for flight maintenance needs. There are aprons for bigger aircrafts to land and park without any space oriented problems.