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Private Jet Charter To/From Nottingham Airport EGBN / NQT


Nottingham Airport is also referred to as Nottingham City Airport. This beautiful airport is located less than four miles outside Nottingham City Airport, Tollerton Ln, Tollerton NG12 4GA. Nottingham Airport is considered as the primary airport that serves general aviation and has two runways. Among the two, one runway is 1050 m x 30 m, and the other one is 821 m x 23 m. The longer runway among the two is equipped with lighting for night flying, which operates during the winter flying season. The popular Nottingham Airport is a private airport that is operated by Truman Aviation Ltd. The best thing about this airport is that it is considered one of the closest airports to any city center in the United Kingdom. Nottingham Airport is unlike nearby East Midlands Airport as it is easier to fly out off due to landing slots being less restricted. And you must know that the landing fees in this Nottingham Airport are substantially lower. In this airport, you may also find refueling facilities that are available for piston and jet aircraft. It also includes hanger and maintenance facilities and a small café.






Nottingham Airport United Kingdom Location