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London Heathrow

London Heathrow Airport is the largest amongst most of the airports of the UK capital. It is located on the west of the city and has a record of handling over 70 million passengers every year. In all of Europe, it is considerably the busiest commercial airport. On world demographics, this airport is the third busiest airport across the globe. The London Heathrow Airport started back in 1929 and was a small airfield back then. The airport was then developed in 1944 to make it ready for handling passengers for commuting to different domestic and international destinations. This airport has 5 terminal buildings within the airport and all are equipped with modern amenities for the comfort and luxury of the passengers while they wait for their flights. Some of the common amenities of the airport include shops, restaurants, stores, VIP lounges and others. Along with that, there are two runways presently operating at the London Heathrow airport. There are plans to add another runway to the airport by the year 2025 to manage the flight operations more seamlessly. This airport serves 180 destinations and 85 countries across the globe. Some of the most popular travel destinations from Heathrow are NY, Dublin, Amsterdam and others.






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