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Inverness Dalcross

Inverness Dalcross Airport is known to be as the gateway of highlands. For all the people who want to explore Inverness can prefer using this airport for their air commute. The surrounding highlands and the nearby islands can offer the best scenic pleasures for the travellers. Right beside the airport there is a Highland Aviation Museum which is the best spot for the travellers to start their tour with. Apart from the scenic beauty and tourist spots, there are fewer facilities within the airport terminal. There are two terminals out of which one is private while the other one is the main terminal. The main terminal is just a short distance away from the private one. Even though there are less amenities, everything that is essential is readily available in the airport. There is a lounge for the passengers to relax and rest, shops to buy souvenirs, small food stores to satisfy food cravings and others. These facilities are enough for a small airport like Inverness Dalcross. It has a single asphalt runway that hosts landing and take-off of heavy flights. The airport management authorities are also quite responsive in handling their services to maintain the flow of flights.






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