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Private Jet Charter To/From Altay Airport ZWAT / AAT


Altay airport is a small airport that is located in the city of Altay. It is in Xianjiang, China. Due to the small size of the airport, the facilities are less and the shops are also limited. Therefore, the passenger holding capacity within the terminal is also less for which only important scheduled flights take off and land here. Even though the airport space is small, there are some shops, restaurants and bars for the passengers to pass their time until their flight arrives. You will get to enjoy the best of drinks and food while you halt at the airport. You might not get a big lounge to rest but the available ones are bit comfortable for you to relax.
It has only one terminal building and one runway. The staff count is less as the passenger traffic is nominal here throughout the year. But they still manage the flights, passengers and other airport management aspects seamlessly. Altay airport also has charter plane services. You can move to/from Altay airport in private jet or chartered flight. You just have to get in touch with the right person taking booking for such flights. You can interact with the airport authorities for more related information to avail this facility.






Altay Airport China Location