United States

Heber City Airport


This airport is situated within the Wasatch Country of the US state of Utah. The city owns this public-use airport. It is otherwise known as Russ McDonald Field. Heber City Municipal Airport is situated 2 km south of Heber City. Also, it serves Heber City, Utah. Another significant fact about this airport is that it covers 401 acres area. And it has a single runway with an asphalt surface. Passengers across the world are coming to this place to visit Deer Valley and Sundance resort. There is a private jet charter system also available in this airport. There are many hotels also available near this airport. And there are various developmental plans also present in the pipeline which are going to implement in the future. Inside this airport, you will find food, beverages, drink, etc., facilities. Moreover, this airport offers a high standard of facilities to passengers. A remarkable fact about this airport is that, from 2011 to 2015, it included a national Plan of Integrated Airport System and categorized as a general aviation facility. Suppose passengers have any doubts or questions related to flight timing or services. In that case, they can go to information desk, and the representative will provide all types of assistance to passengers.

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport


This public-use airport is situated 3 miles away from downtown Fort Lauderdale of Broward Country, Florida. Also, this is one of the primary airports of Broward Country in the United States. Broward Country Aviation Department operates its development, maintenance, and other things. Also, it serves Greater Miami. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport is known as the hub for IBC Airways and Silver Airways. It covers 1,380 acres of areas and has various facilities for passengers. Interestingly, this airport has two runways, and those are known as asphalt and concrete surface. Some of its excellent services are quality passenger lounge, ground transportation, aircraft maintenance, terminals, etc. This airport consists of 4 terminals, and shuttle buses offer a transit system between these four terminals. You will also find shops and eateries for food and drinks. The airport also offers free Wi-Fi facilities to its passengers. For extra comfort and facilities, passengers can also pay for airport lounges. Passengers can also stay at this airport overnight. In its waiting areas, you will find chairs with arm-rests. Also, inside this airport always, passengers can enjoy cold AC airs. In terms of security also this is one of the best airports. Moreover, this airport is providing high-standard facilities to passengers.

Francis S. Gabreski Airport


Francis S. Gabreski Airport is quite a popular airport as a country-owned airport. This is also known as a joint civil-military airport, which is situated 3 miles north of Suffolk country, Long Island, United States. It is located around 80 miles east of New York City. It serves Westhampton Beach, New York. Another significant fact about this airport is that this airport covers 1,451 acres, consisting of 3 runways. And apart from these three runways, there are two more additional runways also available. The airport’s general aviation facility is utilized by private aviation, corporate businesses, and air taxi services. Do you know another remarkable fact about this airport? It supports private jets facilities too. And every year, this airport handles approximately aircraft operations. You can enjoy services such as aircraft parking, refueling, food & beverages, etc. However, this airport is open 24/7 for passengers and flight operations. For airport passengers, services include conference halls facilities for business travelers, lounges, restrooms, showers, and many more. You can also book rental cars and taxis for transportation. There are many hotels also available nearby this airport. Therefore, this airport provides high-quality facilities to passengers all the time.

George Bush International Airport


It is an international airport situated in Houston, Texas, and this is coming under class B airspace. It is located around 23 miles north of Downtown Houston. This airport is initially named Houston Intercontinental Airport initially, and it was renamed George H. W. Bush airport later. It is operated by Houston Airport System. And it is the hub for United Airlines and Atlas Air. This airport provides various facilities to its passengers. There are five terminals present in this airport, along with 130 gates. These terminals and gates cover about 250 acres area. Also, there is a Skyway facility available, which provides an easy connection between these five terminals. In IAH’s terminal, there are three significant entrances present for passengers. Passengers can find a hotel near terminal B and C. Inside this hotel there is a restaurant, beautiful lounge, health club, coffee shop conference centre and much more present. This entire airport is highly maintained and featured. Moreover, we can say that this airport is the best airport in terms of facilitates and passenger services. It has a large and spacious parking area also present near this airport. In case passengers face any issues, then they can contact the information desk.

David Wayne hooks airport


David Wayne hooks airport is situated 23 miles north-west of Houston, which is present in Texas. In the US, this airport is one of the largest airports. This airport specialises in various services like business, military and general. We can also say that in Texas city it is one of the busiest airports. This public airport is located near Tomball city, which is situated in Texas. In terms of securities and safety is one of the best airports. Many times people coming to this place to visit its Pinnacle Island and Lake Transit. This airport also has many flight schools, including United flights systems and American flyers. You can also book your rental cars or other vehicles to visit these sights. Passengers can also find toilets inside an airport. Along with that, you will find shops and restaurants near the airport. However, this airport always keeps on adding new facilities and features. Another significant fact is that it is also investing money for developmental activities. This airport covers 480 acres area which has two asphalt runways. Its runways are quite long and spacious too. Moreover, passengers can get various facilities inside this airport, and in terms of security also it is good.

Guam International Airport

Guam International

Guam International Airport is also known as Antonia B. Won Pat International Airport. This international airport is located in Tamuning and Barrigada, three miles east of Hagatna’s capital city in the United States territory of Guam. Guam International Airport is the best hub for Asia Pacific Airlines and for United Airlines. Guam International Airport Authority owns this international airport, Guam. Guam International Airport is also a home for the former Naval Air Station Agana. It is the only international airport in the territory and is located only two miles from Tumon Bay’s hotels. The best thing about the Guam International Airport is that it plays a host to a sizeable number of passengers a year, having enjoyed a $214 million expansion completed in 1998. Guam International Airport was the most considerable single capital refurbishment that has ever been undertaken in Guam. In the Guam International Airport, there are two passenger lounges that include the exclusive united club lounge. Guam International Airport also offers free WI-FI internet access and refreshment options. Guam International Airport is the best option for the tourist as there are many best facilities that they could enjoy in the best manner.

Bob Hope Airport

Bob Hope

Bob Hope Airport is a public airport that is located 5km from Burbank in the LA County. The airport serves the northern area of the Greater Los Angeles Area and is nearby Griffith Park & Hollywood. Even the Los Angeles International Airport is far away from these places. It is the only airport in the area where there is a train facility for reaching to downtown LA. The airport is a medium-sized property which has two asphalt runways for managing the heavy flow of flights. The airport is a medium-sized one but the flight operations are too high here. The passengers pick this airport due to its close proximity with tourist places. The airport handles around 358 flights every day. It is a huge number and it states the management capability of this airport. The passenger terminals are full of facilities such as shopping malls, stores, restaurants, bars and others to offer enjoyment and luxury to the passengers while they wait for their flights. You need to contact the air charter service providers to get your chartered flight booked for travelling to/from Bob Hope Airport. Travelling in chartered flights will ensure comfort and privacy while commuting through flight to different destinations.

Boulder City Municipal airport

Boulder City Municipal Airport is located in the southwest of Boulder City, situated in Clark country, Nevada. In the year 2008, this airport had a record of 300000 passengers boarding. This airport has owned by the municipality of Boulder City. Along with that, this airport also operates air taxi flights, pilot training service, charter, and medevac services. This is situated approximately 42km south of Las Vegas. The Boulder City Municipal Airport Administration is used to operate this airport. Usually, you will feel a hot climate in this airport area. But inside the airport, you will feel warm. You will find some hotels nearby this airport, which you can book online. This airport has two runways that are present in asphalt surfaces, and these are respectively 5,100 feet and 3,800 feet. You can also get the food and drink facility inside the airport area. Another significant fact is that it will provide you a large parking area. Interestingly this airport provides flight services for both commercial and private airplanes. Both passengers and pilots widely utilize this airport for leisure, commercial and personal purposes. Some of the exciting facilities include sky diving, helicopter operation, and learning to fly.


Augusta airport is one of the known public airports of United States that has easy travel routes to Clark and Lewis. It consists of a single runway that is made up of turf material. The runway is considerably in a fair condition. It is a very small airport that has a record of operating with only 60 flights throughout the year. 83% of all the flights that take off or land from/to Augusta Airport are general aviation flights. The airport is too small and the terminal does not even have basic facilities other than parking. It is because not much people prefer this airport for their departure or arrival. At the moment, there is no such comfort facility within the terminal for the passengers but the authorities might have some plans to include basic amenities within the airport in order to expand the services and operations of it. Moreover, it is a city-owned airport that is usually preferred mostly for the aviation training purposes. You can contact air charter service providers to book you a private jet or chartered flight for moving to/from Augusta Airport. You just have to reach out to the right person and get your bookings done at affordable pricing.

Augusta Municipal

Augusta Municipal Airport is yet another popular airport of US. It is located in the Butler County, state of Kansas. The Augusta Municipal Airport is located nearby the city of Andover. It is available for the public use purpose. It is also a city-owned airport by Augusta and it is well benefited from the local aircraft manufacturers. The airport is small and it consists of very limited facilities for the passengers to avail comfort and luxury. There might be a renovation in the future but for now the amenities are limited. The best part about this airport is that it allows charter flights to land or take off. One just needs to get in touch with the right service provider and get the procedures done for booking the chartered flights. You might have to get the permissions for the airport authority. Do not worry as the private air charter service providers you hire will eventually make sure that these documentations and procedures are completed seamlessly. They will talk to the authorities on your behalf to get all the permissions required. So, book your chartered flight to/from Augusta Municipal airport and avail the luxury and privacy while you travel to/from your select destinations.

Augusta Regional Airport

Augusta Regional

Augusta Regional Airport is located in Richmond County at the Bush Field. It is situated in state of Georgia, US. You have to move to 11km south of Augusta to reach to this airport. Chartered flights and scheduled flights operate here for the complete year. There is only one week in the year when the airport does not operate with any schedule flights and that is the week of US Masters Golf Tournament. During this tournament period, over 1000 of private jet flights land or take off to/from this airport. This figure is a quarter of the total private jets that it handles throughout the year. There is a heavy traffic at this airport during these 7 days of tournaments. The airport is open for public use as there are loads of scheduled flights running to important destinations across US. You need to get in touch with any air charter service provider to help you in booking private jets or chartered flights for moving to/from this airport. Get your bookings done with all the formalities completed to avail the luxury and VIP treatment while you travel in the chartered flights.