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Lake Hood

Lake Hood Airport is the seabase plane airport that allows small aircrafts and seaplanes to land here. People who are fond of travelling through private jets and chartered flights can pick one for touring the destination by landing at the Lake Hood Airport. As the name suggests, this airport is situated near the lake and hosts around 190 flights in a day. It is considerably a busy airport even though it does not host bigger aircrafts. There is Stevens Anchorage International Airport right near to this airport from where the passengers take seaplane to Lake Hood Airport. The areas where there land airplanes cannot be accessed is reached out with the seaplanes. There is high passenger traffic at this airport during the summer months. It is so because summer is the vacation month and domestic and international passengers fly to US for experiencing a vacation fun. There are restaurants and music shows to get involved in and enjoy the sight of flights landing and taking off to/from the sea. There are many small dining hotels around the airport for the passengers to grab a bite while they move out to tour the destination. Book your chartered flights to this destination by reaching out to air charter service providers.






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