United States

Westerly State

Westerly State Airport is situated two miles southeast of CBD of Westerly, in Washington Country. This airport covers around 321 acres of area. It consists of two runways along with asphalt surfaces. Again this airport majorly serves the Westerly town. Primarily this is a general aviation airport. The Westerly, Rhode Island used to serves this airport along with all its maintenance activities. Some of its services include corporate aviation service, regularly schedules air passengers, aircraft maintenance, repair, etc. Moreover, this airport provides various high-quality services such as catering, easy transportation, public telephone, restrooms, etc. Another remarkable fact about the airport is, it offers special services for pilots such as pilot lounges, separate toilets, etc. Here, you will find a spacious parking area, and it allows for safe parking. You can get facilities like a dinning, terminal map, little free library, meeting room, safety & security, shopping, and other amenities in its main terminal. There are many small shops and eateries open near its terminal area. You will also find toilets throughout this airport. There are many high-quality, and well-equipped hotels are available nearby this airport. You can also pre-book them according to your budget. Moreover, it provides comfortable services and facilities.

William P. Hobby Airport

William P. Hobby

William P. Hobby Airport is a popular international airport. It is located in Houston, Texas, 7 miles (11 km) from downtown Houston, in the state of Texas. This international airport is owned and operated by the City of Houston and Houston Airport System. It is the oldest commercial airport and was its primary airport until Houston Intercontinental Airport, now George Bush Intercontinental Airport opened in 1969. William P. Hobby Airport covers 1,304 acres (528 ha) and has four runways; however, as of February 1, 2020, one of the four runways, runway 17-35, is permanently closed. This popular airport is a city-owned airport and Houston’s oldest commercial airport that is used as a public airport. The best thing about this airport is that it is served by five passenger airlines, which connect it to large parts of the United States. You must know that in the current situation, this airport is being expanded, with Southwest Airlines scheduled to offer international flights in October 2015. If you want, you may also hire private jet charters at William P. Hobby Airport. For fulfilling the requirements of private jet charters, you need to contact a consultant at Air Charter Service now, and they will provide more information.

Teterboro Airport


Teterboro Airport is situated 12 miles from the Midtown Manhattan in the New Jersey of Meadowlands. This airport has nearly 100000 pounds of the weight limit on aircraft. Also, this is popularly known as the hub for Tradewind Aviation. It covers approximately 830 acres of area. There are buses, trains, and taxis operate near the airport. There is no central parking system in this airport, and individual fixed base operators handle these. However, this airport consists of four numbers of FBOs. Here, airport staff are available for assisting passengers with their issues and difficulties. You will find toilets throughout this airport. Along with that, it also offers various business facilities such as business centre, conferences room, etc. This airport’s significant thing is that it provides 24-hour surveillance & security for passengers and airport staff. This airport also has a separate lounge for pilots. You will also get rental car services near this airport. There are many good quality hotels are open, and you can also pre-book them in advance as per your requirements and budgets. Again, you will find various high-quality restaurants which are offering delicious foods at reliable prices. Moreover, it is quite a safe and secure place for passengers as well as the airport.

Tampa International Airport

Tampa International

Tampa International Airport is situated six miles west from downtown Tampa in Hillsborough Country. The Hillsborough Country is the owner of this airport. Also, this airport is widely known as the hub for Silver Airways. It ultimately serves the Tampa Bay area. Moreover, this airport provides useful flight information, shuttle service, real-time flight time information and many more. It offers an efficient and high-quality hub-and-spoke layout. Its main terminal is known as the hub and other four terminals known as the spokes. Another significant fact is that each terminal consists of its own shops, gate area and food courts. Here passengers can enjoy its unlimited and free Wi-Fi connections. You will also get airport lounges facilities. Near its main terminal, you will find the parking area and rental car area. There are many hotels open nearby this airport, and you can pre-book them according to your budget. Also, there are various eateries and shops open inside this area. Passengers can also avail of car rental services for transportation. This airport is also suitable for overnight sleepers. You will get toilets throughout the premises. However, this airport is planning to add more features in future. It is also quite a safe and secure airport for passengers and airport staff.

Van Nuys Airport

Van Nuys

Van Nuys Airport is one of the favourite airports amongst the celebrities and business individuals. It is highly preferred for its convenience and anonymity. This airport is meant for business general aviation and is one of the most renowned airports across the world. This airport has two runways and a single terminal building meant for handling the passenger traffic. The terminal building has lounge, security and passport control facilities. Along with that there are small shops, stores and other essentials meant for keeping the business passengers or celebrities busy while they wait for their flights. All the security aspects of this airport are considered to ensure that the operations are made seamless. There is a direct access to the apron of the airport and there is a bus to help the passengers commute to the flight. Even though it is a small airport, it witnesses a heavy traffic throughout the year. The facilities are destined to get improved over time to ensure that there are loads of facilities available within the premises for ensuring passenger comfort. You can also commute through the private jets and chartered flights to experience more privacy and comfort while you travel.

Trenton-Mercer Airport


Trenton-Mercer airport was previously named as Mercer County Airport until the year 1995. The airport started its operations from the year 1907 and the infrastructure was developed since then and it opened for civilian passengers in 1929. During the Second World War, this airport was used for testing Torpedo Bombers by US Navy. It is located few miles away from the Trenton city. Trenton is the capital of New Jersey. The major mode of transportation for the people to reach the airport is private taxi. Public transportation vehicles are not available within the city premises for airport. It is a small airport that has a single terminal and consists of some basic passenger facilities. There is a restaurant, pub, shop and an observation lounge for the passengers to pass their time while waiting for boarding their flights. If you want more privacy and comfort in travelling to/from this airport, you might need to make sure of booking a chartered flight to/from this airport. Booking a chartered flight is now easy with the air charter service providers offering such services. They will handle your booking hassle and will also arrange for the necessary airport authorizations to help you board the private jets at ease.

Santa Monica Municipal

Santa Monica Municipal Airport is situated three miles east from Santa Monica, in Los Angeles. Again, this airport covers around 215 acres of area. It consists of one runway with an asphalt surface system. Also, the airport is located nearly 2 miles from Pacific Ocean. It majorly serves Southern California. The Santa Monica Airport Commission used to operate this airport. It’s Atlantic Aviation serves various FBO such as parking, fuel, power cart, hangars, etc. There are many hotels open by this airport. Another remarkable fact is that Santa Monica is a popular tourist destination. Also, people across the world used to come to this place. It provides free and fast Wi-Fi coverage which can help passengers to pass their time. Along with that, it also provides bike racks and parking space for vehicles. You will find toilets throughout this airport. Its other amenities include currency exchange, information desk, small shops, etc. There are restaurant and eateries also available in this airport. For passengers relaxation, there are airport lounges open. Also, its nearby hotels provide various facilities for people like Wi-Fi connection, breakfast buffet, meeting room, conference room, etc. Moreover, this airport offers high-quality services for passengers. It is quite a safe and secure place too.

San Martin International

San Martin Airport is situated one mile east of the San Martin, in Santa Clara Country of California. It covers around 179 acres of area with an asphalt surface. It consists of one runway. Along with that, it also offers to fuel facilities. The Country of Santa Clara used to operate this airport along with its maintenance and developmental activities. If you are looking for any accommodation nearby this airport then there are many options available. The Rosewood Resort is situated only 2.2 miles from this airport. Many people across the world used to come to this place for spending their vacations or holidays. You will find many car rental services nearby this airport. There are many hotels also open nearby this area. However, this airport has limited space for vehicle parking. But its parking area is absolutely safe and secure. You will find well-maintain and clean toilets throughout this airport. Also, some small shops are open near this area. Now, this airport is planning to add more features and services, which will be implemented in the future. In case you have any difficulties or doubts, you can also take the help of airport staff. They will assist you with all your issues and difficulties.


Richland airport is situated 4 miles south-east from Richland centre. It covers around 105 acres of area. Along with that, it consists of two numbers of runways which are asphalt and turf surface respectively. This airport provides various high-quality facilities for passengers as well as airport staff. Here, passengers can get medical assistance in case of any health emergency. Another significant aspect is that it provides various services for aircraft. There are many hotels open nearby this airport and these are available at reliable prices. Also, you will find some small shops nearby this airport. You will also find various eateries and small food shops near this airport. Moreover, it offers secure and safe services to passengers. You will find information desks at this airport, and here the airport staff can assist with your queries. Also, the airport staff are quite polite and helpful. There is a rental taxi, and vehicle facilities are also available near this airport, and their charges are relatively nominal. There are some restaurants also open nearby this airport. Here, you will get food according to your choice. Moreover, this is quite a highly developed airport in terms of its services and features.

Republic Airport


Republic Airport is situated in East Farmingdale in Babylon, Suffolk of New York. It majorly serves New York City and Long Island. This airport has two terminal building which is serving passengers charter flights to various nearby cities like New Jersey and Atlantic City. It covers around 526 acres of area. Along with that, it has two numbers of runways with asphalt surfaces. Moreover, this airport provides various high-quality of services to passengers. It manages a vast number of a private jet of the passenger terminal. Another remarkable fact is that it includes an extended passenger lobby, business conference room, lounges, etc. It also has separate pilot lounges along with executive conference room. Passengers can also find restrooms within this airport. Here, you will find clean and well-maintained bathrooms throughout this place. There is also a right and spacious parking place is available. You can again book nearby hotels for a comfortable stay. If you want to conduct a meeting at this airport, you can use the meeting room for this. It also consists of various facilities for parents who are flying with their children. It is also going to upgrade some other features in future.

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International

San Francisco International Airport is an international airport which is thirteen miles south of downtown San Francisco, California, United States. This international airport has flights to points throughout North America and is a major gateway to Europe and Asia. The best thing about this airport is that it is the largest airport in the San Francisco Bay Area and the second busiest in California, after LAX. In 2017, it was the seventh busiest airport in the United States and the 24th-busiest in the world by passenger count. It is considered as the fifth-largest hub for United Airlines. San Francisco International Airport is operated in Terminal three and the international terminal. It functions as United’s primary transpacific gateway, and it serves the San Francisco Bay Area including San Francisco and Silicon Valley. It was the seventh-busiest airport in the United States and the 24th-busiest in the world by passenger count a hub for Alaska Airlines and United Airlines. This international airport in San Francisco is owned and operated by the City and County of San Francisco. However, it is technically located outside of San Francisco in unincorporated San Mateo County.

Napa Valley County Airport

Napa Valley County

This public airport is situated 5 miles south of the Napa. It consists of three runways. Napa County used to operate this airport along with its developmental and maintenance activities. This airport consists of two office building. Also, it provides various facilities and services for passengers. Another remarkable fact is that it has a capacity of handling 122,000 flights take off and land per year. You can also get direct taxi access. Here you will find various shops and eateries. Along with that, they also provide general aviation services. You will also find a good restaurant in that airport. You can also get a hotel near this airport area. Also, rental car or taxi facility is available for convenient transportation. Many tourists and travellers are coming to this place to enjoy it’s all destinations. There is a rental bus facility also available. You will find toilets throughout this airport. In terms of safety also this airport is quite suitable. In case passengers have any type of questions then they can ask it to airport staff. Its airport staff are quite polite and cooperative too. There are some small shops also open near this airport.