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Private Jet Charter To/From JOHN F KENNEDY MEMORIAL Airport KASX / ASX


This airport is also known as JKF Memorial Airport. It is situated 2 miles west of Ashland. This airport covers around 511 acres area. Another significant fact is that its new terminal building is constructed like a cabin style. This country and the city-owned public airport is situated 2 NM southwest of central business district of the City Ashland. It serves the entire Ashland, Wisconsin. This entire airport is constructed with local red pine, and this is quite attractive. In this airport, you will find various high-quality facilities. This airport consists of two runways with the asphalt surfaces. Near this airport, you will get a good quality of hotels. You can also find a taxi and other rental vehicles near the airport. There are some food courts also available within the airport premises. Along with that, passengers can also get some small shops inside the airport. It has an information desk also, and their representative will assist you with your any type of questions and doubts. It has good parking area too. Moreover, this airport is entirely safe for passengers. There is a restaurant also present near this airport, and there you can enjoy food according to your choices.






JOHN F KENNEDY MEMORIAL Airport United States Location