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Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro Airport is also known as Galeão International Airport. It is the main airport that is serving Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The best thing about this airport is that it was the country’s fourth-busiest airport by passenger traffic. This popular international airport is named after the neighbourhood of Galeão. Rio De Janeiro Airport […]


Also known as Santa Maria Airport, this airport is one of the oldest airports. This airport has been in operation since the 1950s. So, that makes it one of the most preeminent airports in Brazil. This international airport locates in the southern part of Sergipe. It is about 12 KM distant from the city’s center, […]


Located about 8 Km away from the downtown of Araguaina, this international airport is the only gateway to the northern regions of Tocantins states and southern regions of Pará and Maranhão states. This international with broad runways accommodate many platforms to land and take off. Several flights run across Araguaina airport every day. You can […]

Romeu Zema

Romeu Airport is a very known airport that serves the city of Araxa. It is located at only 4km from the city of Araxa which makes people easy to commute to the airport without getting stuck in the traffic. The name of the airport is given after a local entrepreneur who is well known in […]


During the early 50s, land, which was donated by the city, was used to build a runway. The runway was then used for private aircraft and air taxis. The Altamira Airport came into existence in 1979 on the same piece of land. The airport was later developed in 2011 to include an airport and taxiway […]