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Private Jet Charter To/From Romeu Zema Airport SBAX / AAX

Romeu Zema

Romeu Airport is a very known airport that serves the city of Araxa. It is located at only 4km from the city of Araxa which makes people easy to commute to the airport without getting stuck in the traffic. The name of the airport is given after a local entrepreneur who is well known in Brazil, Romeu Zema. The airport has only one runway and one terminal for handling the flight traffic. The terminal has less facilities within for the passengers. The facilities are limited not just for the passengers but also for the flights. There are limited staff to handle flights after they land or before they take off. Therefore, at times the flights get delayed. But the management team is working effectively to increase man power and speed up this process. The passenger terminals are limited with less shops and stores that leaves less options for passengers to interact with for passing their time. There is definitely a lounge for the passengers to halt, rest and relax until the flight arrives or is ready to board. You can also book chartered flights if you want to avail more comfort and luxury travel to your desired place.






Romeu Zema Airport Brazil Location