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During the early 50s, land, which was donated by the city, was used to build a runway. The runway was then used for private aircraft and air taxis. The Altamira Airport came into existence in 1979 on the same piece of land. The airport was later developed in 2011 to include an airport and taxiway parking lot and runway’s structural reinforcement. The reinforcement increased the potential of the airport to handle larger aircraft easily. It could conveniently handle aircraft like Boeing 737-700 with a carrying capacity of nearly 144 passengers. The major renovation of the Altamira airport was a result of the construction of a significant dam near the airport. Along with the extension of the runway, the passenger terminal was also extended. Altamira Airport has a waiting lounge to enable people to wait conveniently for their flights to depart. The airport has all the important facilities and amenities required by the passengers for their travel. It includes several duty-free shops, restaurants, ATMs, free Wi-Fi connectivity, and other facilities. You can find car rental and taxi services at the airport easily. The professionals present at the help desk of the airport can provide you with all the necessary support and assistance to make your journey a memorable and hassle-free one.






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