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Tampa International

Tampa International Airport is situated six miles west from downtown Tampa in Hillsborough Country. The Hillsborough Country is the owner of this airport. Also, this airport is widely known as the hub for Silver Airways. It ultimately serves the Tampa Bay area. Moreover, this airport provides useful flight information, shuttle service, real-time flight time information and many more. It offers an efficient and high-quality hub-and-spoke layout. Its main terminal is known as the hub and other four terminals known as the spokes. Another significant fact is that each terminal consists of its own shops, gate area and food courts. Here passengers can enjoy its unlimited and free Wi-Fi connections. You will also get airport lounges facilities. Near its main terminal, you will find the parking area and rental car area. There are many hotels open nearby this airport, and you can pre-book them according to your budget. Also, there are various eateries and shops open inside this area. Passengers can also avail of car rental services for transportation. This airport is also suitable for overnight sleepers. You will get toilets throughout the premises. However, this airport is planning to add more features in future. It is also quite a safe and secure airport for passengers and airport staff.






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