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Private Jet Charter To/From San Martin International Airport KE16 / E16

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San Martin International

San Martin Airport is situated one mile east of the San Martin, in Santa Clara Country of California. It covers around 179 acres of area with an asphalt surface. It consists of one runway. Along with that, it also offers to fuel facilities. The Country of Santa Clara used to operate this airport along with its maintenance and developmental activities. If you are looking for any accommodation nearby this airport then there are many options available. The Rosewood Resort is situated only 2.2 miles from this airport. Many people across the world used to come to this place for spending their vacations or holidays. You will find many car rental services nearby this airport. There are many hotels also open nearby this area. However, this airport has limited space for vehicle parking. But its parking area is absolutely safe and secure. You will find well-maintain and clean toilets throughout this airport. Also, some small shops are open near this area. Now, this airport is planning to add more features and services, which will be implemented in the future. In case you have any difficulties or doubts, you can also take the help of airport staff. They will assist you with all your issues and difficulties.






San Martin International Airport United States Location