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Adana Airport


Adana Airport is a small of its kind and is originally known as Adana Sakirpasa Airport and is in Turkey. It usually operates with the domestic flights but also has some flights taking off and landing to & from different international locations. Even though this airport is small, there are three terminals which is meant for domestic, international and cargo respectively. The terminals are separated to make it easy for the airport authority to manage the flow of flights. It is a small airport but the domestic flow of flights is very high here. Moreover, international flights are now also increasing for which the project plans are being prepared for expanding the airport.
The Adana airport serves the Cukurova region and has air charter services available for the airport as well. You need to ensure that you reach out to the right person in the airport who can help you avail the air charter services. The airport being small handles the cargo flight operations as well. The cargo flights are meant to transport goods from different parts of the world to Turkey. Adana airport is the landing point for most of the cargo flights. There is ample amount of space for landing and parking of the cargo flights. Moreover, the management authorities have taken special measures to channelize the flight control aspects.

Addis Ababa Bole International Airport


Addis Ababa airport is a popular international airport located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The airport became functional in January 2003 and is known as one of the most welcoming and convenient airports on the continent. The current traffic of international airports is more than 1.6 million passengers on an annual basis. Addis Ababa Bole International Airport is considered to be the main domestic as well as international airport. The airport has two terminals, which includes a new terminal with the potential of handling 3,000 passengers in an hour and 11 gates. While terminal I handle the regional and domestic flights, terminal II is dedicated to international flights. The airport terminal also has arrival and departure halls for domestic and international passengers, an airport security office, a VIP salon, desks for different airways and airlines, banks, postal office, duty-free shops, jewelry shops, restaurants, and other essential facilities. The airport has many other facilities that aim at providing passengers with optimum leisure and comfort. Rescue and fire fighting building and an air traffic control tower have also been constructed. The Addis Ababa Bole International Airport is planning to extend its services by including more 40 aircraft.

Adelaide Airport


Adelaide airport is known as the fifth largest airport in Australia. The airport was established back in 1955. A new dual domestic/ international terminal was introduced in the airport in 2005. The new terminal has a handling capacity of 27 aircraft and has the potential of processing about 3,000 passengers in an hour. The airport is also known as the second-best international airport in the world. The large terminal building houses several shops, cafes, restaurants, and much more. The airports offer all the essential facilities and amenities required by passengers, such as Wi-Fi facilities. Free internet connection is made available throughout the terminal. The Adelaide airport also has a general aviation terminal that is smaller in size and used for charters. The terminal houses some private lounges too. You can easily find several shopping outlets and duty-free shops to get all the essentials you require for your travel. Moreover, the innovative facilities available at the airport enable faster and efficient movement of the passengers without much inconvenience. The airport took up the world’s first project of lowering the runway temperature by growing commercial crops. The Adelaide airport is planning to expand the project further to cover 200 hectares of its airport land.

Adisucipto Airport

Adisucipto Airport

The Adisucipto airport is also known as Adisutjipto airport. It is the principal airport that serves the Yogyakarta region in Java Island, Indonesia. The airport is known as the fourth busiest airport in the Java-Bali region. The international airport has two passenger terminals. The second terminal was opened in 2015. The new terminal is dedicated to handling all the international traffic along with the domestic services of the low-cost carriers. The airport has only one runway. The airport is planning to expand and develop to meet the growing demands of the passengers. Adiscucipto airport is connected with several road links and rails that lead to Yogyakarta city. So, you can easily find car rental services and taxi services at the airport. The airport also has an extensive parking space for motor vehicles and cars. You can find several duty-free shops and restaurants that offer all the essentials for your journey. The airport flaunts an executive lounge specially designed for the passenger to relax while waiting for their flights to depart. It offers optimum luxury, comfort, and convenience to the passengers. The airport continues to experience an increase in the number of passengers every year owing to the comfort and convenience offered.

Agadir Al Massira

Agadir Al Massira Airport is a famous airport that serves Agadir, which is one of the major cities in Morroco. The airport has experienced an increase in the number of passengers owing to the rise of tourism in the Agadir region. As Agadir is considered a premium destination for holidaymakers, the number of passengers availing of the services of the airport is also increasing. You can easily reach the airport owing to its presence on the highway connecting two cities. The airport has a vast parking space for the aircraft. The passenger handling capacity of the terminal is 3 million in a year. The airport offers a wide range of facilities to the passengers, such as a VIP lounge, free internet access through Wi-Fi, and several shops that sell all the essential items. Shopping and enjoying the facilities available in the airport can help you in not getting bored while you wait for long hours for your flight to depart. The presence of many shops serves as a pass time for passengers. The airport has a large waiting room. The waiting room is divided into two parts. One is meant for the passengers of the domestic flight, while the other is dedicated to the passengers of international flights.

Agen La Garenne

The Agen La Garenne Airport was developed as a military ground, which provided a quick connection for business leaders. Currently, it operates as a very active airport, which is responsible for about 30 to 35,000 landings and take-offs on a yearly basis. The airport offers a diverse range of amenities for the flyers so that they can have a smooth experience while taking their flight. The free car parking situated near the terminal ensures that the vehicles of the people are secured in the premises. The car rental onsite provision is available for the passengers, which enables them to move into and out of the grounds in a seamless manner. The airport terminals are designed to offer effortless mobility at the time of arrival and departure. The live information on flight arrival as well as departure information ensures that the flyers are constantly kept updated about their flights. The lounge and waiting section of the airport ensures that the comfort of the passengers is given top priority. The main airline that operates in the Agen La Garenne Airport is Air France Hop. The functional design of the airport interior creates an amicable atmosphere which makes it easy for passengers to wait for their flights.

Agra Airport


The Agra Airport is situated in the city of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, which is well known across the globe for the Taj Mahal. The airport mainly serves the flyers in Agra city and nearby locations. The airport is one of the largest airbases of the Indian Air Force, which offers a broad range of facilities and amenities to the passengers such as food counters, a spa, free trolleys, among other options. These facilities ensure that the comfort and convenience of the passengers are always given top priority in the airport. The spa is designed to ensure that the passengers can feel rejuvenated and relaxed before boarding their flights from the airport. One of the main highlights of the airport is that it is well-connected with prepaid taxies and auto rickshaws. These commuting options improve the accessibility of the airport. The airport offers a number of VIP services that ensure that the level of hospitality is not compromised for the VIP and time-starved passengers. The full baggage assistance and speedy escorting through the security ensures that the flyers have a memorable and relaxing traveling experience. Passengers can also find other shops inside the airport vicinity where they can purchase important items.


AĞRI AHMED-I HANI AIRPORT is a popular airport located in Agri, an essential part of Turkey. In 1997, this airport opened to domestic traffic, and the best part is that it could accommodate up to one lakh twenty thousand passengers per year. And it has the capacity to hold three million passengers per year with a planned expansion. The passenger of Dogubeyazit regionally produced us also available to buy near the airport. It is a popular service that is effective and efficient for the passenger, like luxury and comfortable flying. It also could avoid the hustle and bustle of busy airports and the queues through security. AĞRI AHMED-I HANI AIRPORT is situated about eight kilometers south of AĞRI city center. This civil airfield is also a forward operating base for 2nd Tac Air Cmd. If you have any medical problems, then do not worry as AĞRI AHMED-I HANI AIRPORT could be your reliable partner for any medical repatriation. At this AĞRI AHMED-I HANI AIRPORT, you could easily and quickly charter your private jet to enjoy the flexible and exclusive way of flying.

Aguascalientes International Airport

Aguascalientes International

The Aguascalientes International Airport is also known as Lic. Jesús Terán Peredo International Airport. The airport is one of the primary buildings which has been expanded and remodeled in the recent times. It is an active airport that has been designed to accommodate most aircraft. Typical aviation facilities are available for passengers at the airport who arrive or depart from the airport. The terminal of the airport encompasses a restaurant along with other passenger amenities. In the airport, passengers have access to 12-hour food options so that they can have a hearty meal before boarding a flight or arriving at the airport. The airport lounges are designed to make sure that passengers get time and space to rest and relax in the airport. The seamless Wi-Fi connectivity allows passengers to spend their time without getting bored. A number of mobile charging points are available in the airport, which allows the passengers to remain connected with others at all times. The airport also provides lockers to the passengers where they can keep their belongings in a safe and secure manner. The amenities and services are designed to cater to the needs of both international as well as domestic flyers who use the airport.

Aix-en-Provence airport

Aix-en-provence airport

Aix-en-Provence airport is also called as the Aix les Milles Airport. This airport primarily serves Aix-en-Provence, which is primarily a commune that is a part of Bouches-du-Rhône department of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France. The airport is situated at only 6 km west-southwest of Aix-en-Provence, which belongs to the Les Miles village.
Aix-end provence airport is immensely popular as it has been used as military air base as well, primarily called Base Aerienne 114 d’Aix Les Milles. In fact, a branch of École nationale de l’aviation civile, i.e., French civil aviation university is also situated at the airport.
Aix-en-provence airport is also quite known for its typical location. It has been established at the peak of 368 feel, i.e. 112 meters from the sea level. There is a runway part of the airport called 15/33 that is made up of asphalt surface. Its dimension is measured by the 1600 x 30 meters, which is 5,249 x 98 feets.
The nearest airport from where one can reach Aix-en-Provence airport is the Marseille airport, which is situated at only 14 km from it.
Avignon airport comes next being situated at 57km distance from here. Among others, Toulon-Hyères airport (77km) and Nimes airport also are situated under 100 km from Aix-en-provence airport.

Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport

Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte

The Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport is also known as the Campo dell’Oro Airport. This is an international airport that though serves Ajaccio, which is the capital of Corsica in France. As evident, the airport has been named after Napoleon Bonaparte, who too had taken birth in Ajaccio. To be specific about location, it is situated in Ajaccio, i.e. 5 km to the east of harbour of Ajaccio. It is the primary base of Air Corsica. The airport had dealt with 1,673,308 passengers in the year 2018. There is a single passenger terminal part of this airport.
The Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport is known for the incredible facilities it provides, which ranges from the ATMs, business centres, facilities for baby care, duty free stores, restaurants, shops, help desk, post office, and everything else expected. Communication facility is quite excellent from here, and to this airport. Here one can enjoy shuttle bus facility that links the airport with the city centre. There is excellent taxi facility available as well. Apart from this, one can go by car rental options as well. In fact, one can find car rental service providers at the main terminal of the airport itself.

Akita Airport

Akita airport

Akita Airport is a local airport or a second class airport that is situated at just 14 km southeast from the Akita station, which belongs to the Akita city in Japan. On an average, 13 flights do depart from the Akita Airport each single day. The earliest flight that departs from the Akita Airport is the NH402, which basically departs at 7:30. And the final flight that departs from the airport is NH4 10, which goes to Tokyo, and departs at 20:00.
Speciality of Akita Airport is its 1200 meter runway that was stretched to 1500 meter in the year 1967. In fact, the runway was 1625 meters in 1969. It is said that the airport was extremely affected due to crosswind, and also due to antennas for TV transmission of 123 meters close to the airport. It is considered as the opening airport in the Tohoku region. The airport offers incredible facilities and is enriched with an extensive Multistory parking garage. It provides incredible parking facility. It was provided with UH-60 and U-125 aircraft by the year 2016. However, the airport got its first ever international terminal on 5th July, 1993. It provides perfect convenience that makes it suitable for newcomers as well.