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Owen Roberts International

Owen Roberts International Airport is the main international airport that is serving the Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands as well as the main base for Cayman Airways. The airport is named after British Royal Air Force Wing Commander Owen Roberts, who was a pioneer of commercial aviation in the country. It has two entrance ports to the Cayman Islands. Owen Roberts International Airport was the only international airport remaining in the Caribbean that has the open air observation place as waving gallery. It is the largest airport located on the island of Cayman islands, Grand Cayman. Currently it is one terminal line with the other in the pipeline. There is a lounge for those who are looking for the comfortable experience. The Owen Roberts International Airport provides the friendly, dependable and non-stop services to the Grand Cayman passengers. They also provide the free lunch facilities which is a good step towards the customer satisfaction. he airline brands that operate more frequently are Cayman Airways, American Airlines, Delta and United. In addition to this, the most popular sectors from Grand Cayman Island are Grand Cayman Island to Houston, Grand Cayman Island to Miami with 197, 171 weekly flights respectively. The most popular sectors from Grand Cayman Island airport are Grand Cayman Island to Kingston with 197 weekly flights respectively.






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