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Private Jet Charter To/From Augusta Airport K3U5 / 3U5


Augusta airport is one of the known public airports of United States that has easy travel routes to Clark and Lewis. It consists of a single runway that is made up of turf material. The runway is considerably in a fair condition. It is a very small airport that has a record of operating with only 60 flights throughout the year. 83% of all the flights that take off or land from/to Augusta Airport are general aviation flights. The airport is too small and the terminal does not even have basic facilities other than parking. It is because not much people prefer this airport for their departure or arrival. At the moment, there is no such comfort facility within the terminal for the passengers but the authorities might have some plans to include basic amenities within the airport in order to expand the services and operations of it. Moreover, it is a city-owned airport that is usually preferred mostly for the aviation training purposes. You can contact air charter service providers to book you a private jet or chartered flight for moving to/from Augusta Airport. You just have to reach out to the right person and get your bookings done at affordable pricing.






Augusta Airport United States Location