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Private Jet Charter To/From Alicante Airport LEAL / ALC


Alicante Airport is known as the sixth largest airport in all of Spain. It is located 9km southwest to the capital of the country, Muncipality of Eliche. The airport was pretty out dated till 2010 but after March, 2011, it got redeveloped and modernized. A new terminal was added onto the Alicante Airport that replaced the older terminals. It is one of the best modifications made to the airport in such a long time. It is so because after the renovation was done, there was a whopping record breaking passenger count of 8.8 million in the year 2012.
The terminal had all the facilities and amenities that attracted the travellers of all types to board flight from this airport to avail luxury and hospitality. The people who are living the closest to this airport will never miss a chance to board flight from this new modernized airport. The Alicante airport handles a lot of flights and passengers every week with a co-operative and skilled staff. Not just that, but Alicante airport also allows chartered planes to land and take off. If you want to fly from/to Alicante airport in chartered or private flight then you might have to reach out to the respective service providers or airport authority.






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