Zaragoza Airport


Zaragoza Airport is one of the commercial airports near Zaragoza, Aragón in Spain. It is an international airport that is located 16 km (9.9 miles) west of Zaragoza, 270 km (170 miles) west of Barcelona, and 262 km (163 miles) northeast of Madrid. The best thing about this public and military airport is that in addition to serving as a significant cargo airport it is also a commercial airport and the home of the Spanish Air Force 15th Group. In the year 1954, the construction work on Zaragoza Airport has begun. The construction work started with the enlargement and improvement of the existing Spanish Air Force Base located there. Zaragoza Airport is also a base for the Spanish Air Force 15th Group. You must know that this international airport handles a mixture of scheduled passenger services and cargo flights. NASA also used it as a contingency landing site for the Space Shuttle in the case of a Transoceanic Abort Landing (TAL). It is the best airport that has come up with the best facility that you could enjoy to a great extent. In Zaragoza Airport, there is a long runway, which needs to be longer than 7,500 feet, and its pleasant weather.

San Sebastian Airport

San Sebastian

San Sebastian airport is situated on Spanish-French border. Also, it is widely known as the primary gateway to the Basque Country. This airport consists of a single terminal and a single runway. You will find facilities such as café, VIP lounge and car rental services in its terminal building, etc. This airport is majorly serving San Sebastian of Basque Country, Spain. The Aena used to operate this airport. Moreover, it provides scheduled flight services to passengers. There are many transportation options available for this airport. At San Sebastian airport passengers can choose taxi, shuttle, bus and other rental vehicles for transport. Another remarkable fact is that here the transportation cost is quite nominal. You can also get rental car services near this airport. Again, this airport provides secure parking facility to passengers. Whether you are searching for long-term parking or short-term parking, you can get the best parking service at this airport. Rather than this, it also allows for daily parking, valet parking, satellite parking, off-airport parking, etc. There are many affordable hotels open near this airport. You can also pre-book them in advance according to your budget and requirements. If you plan to visit Spain, this airport would be a suitable option for you.

Palma de Mallorca Airport

Palma De Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca Airport also known as Son Sant Joan Airport is an international airport located 8 km east of Palma, Mallorca, Spain, adjacent to the village of Can Pastilla. The airport on the Balearic Islands is Spain’s third largest airport after Madrid–Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat. Palma de Mallorca was used by 29.7 million passengers in 2019.[3] The airport is the main base for the Spanish carrier Air Europa and also a focus airport for Ryanair, Easy Jet, Veiling and The airport shares runways with the nearby Son Sant Joan Air Force Base, operated by the Spanish Air Force. It is considered as the third largest airport in Spain, Palma de Mallorca. It is international airport which is at its busiest during the summer months and has four modules, which are similar to terminals. One is closed during the winter months and opens during the busiest period to help with all the holiday traffic coming in. It is also known as Son Sant Joan Airport. The airline brands that operate more frequently are TUI Air Belgium, Afrijet Airline. In addition to this, the most popular sectors from Palma Mallorca are Palma Mallorca to Madrid, Palma Mallorca to Barcelona with 2219, 1928 weekly flights respectively.

Madrid-Barajas Airport


Madrid-Barajas Airport is one of the busiest and largest airports in Spain. Also, this is the sixth busiest airport in Europe. It is situated within this Madrid city. Again, this airport has four numbers of runways and four numbers of runways. You can also get a general aviation terminal near the southern end. This general aviation terminal provides luxurious business facilities along with beautiful lounges. In the year 2019, this airport handled nearly 61.8 million passengers. The Aena used to operate this airport along with its developmental and maintenance activities. This is the primary hub for Evelop Airlines, Ryanair, Wamos Air, and Plus Ultra Lineas. However, this airport offers various facilities for passengers. You will find many shops and restaurants inside this airport. It also offers multiple business facilities, including a business meeting room. This airport has high-quality lounges for both leisure and business travelers. Also, it provides traveler assistance. Passengers can also find toilets throughout this airport. There are rental cars and vehicles available outside of the airport. In case of any questions and queries, passengers can also contact the information desk for assistance. Along with that, you can also get food and drink facilities.

Malaga Airport


Malaga Airport is widely known as the fourth busiest airport in Spain. This is the primary hub for all Spanish tourism. Also, this airport is the primary international airport that serves Costa del Sol. It is situated 5 km north of the Torremolinos. Another remarkable fact is that it has flight connections to 60 countries across the world. This airport has three numbers of terminals. Moreover, there are various facilities available throughout this airport. You can also get free Wi-Fi connection facility. Do you know another excellent fact about this airport? It has a lost & found office too. Here, passengers can register their complaints about their lost belongings. It also has a lounge for passengers, which provides a relaxing atmosphere and various equipment. You will also find shops, duty-free, meeting rooms, baggage wrapping machine, lost luggage service; currency exchange children play area, etc. There is a water fountain also available at this airport. Passengers can also pre-book their hotels nearby this airport. It also provides medical assistance to passengers in emergency cases. Again, this airport has a nursing room. Passengers can find clean and well-maintained washrooms throughout this airport. Moreover, this airport provides excellent facilities for passengers.

Logrono-Angoncillo Airport


Logrono-Angoncillo Airport was opened back in 1923 and was primarily a military airport. It was then renovated and expanded to make it a civilian airport in the year 1950. This airport is located near the Recajo village and is nearby to the posh locations and landmarks such as Rioja’s vineyards and others. The airport constructed its only terminal in 2003 and has a single runway. The terminal building does have a lot of facilities and amenities for the comfort of the passengers but there is no VIP lounge available for them. Along with the scheduled flights, you can also plan on travelling to this airport via private jets or chartered flights. If you have such plans then you can get in touch with air charter service providers to ensure that your bookings are done. Once you have got your bookings done, the airport will facilitate the departure or arrival of your chartered flight. It ensures comfort, privacy and luxury for the passengers while they travel. Moreover, for the people who want to take a short vacation to explore the wine region of Spain can book a private jet and travel to this land at an affordable and reasonable pricing.

Ibiza Airport


Ibiza Airport consists of a private terminal that consists of superior amenities and service facilities to ensure that the people get the comfort they need while they board their flights to desired destinations. The private terminal consists of complimentary refreshments, luxurious lounges and other such service facilities. The airport is open for 24 hours and throughout the year without a break. It has a long asphalt runway for withstanding the take-off and landing of heavy flights. Moreover, you can also book private jets or charter flights to land or take off to/from this airport. You can choose any type of aircraft to book your travel. You just have to get in touch with the private air charter service provider to get your bookings done. The airport tends to be busier during the summer months, therefore the airport authorities recommend advanced booking for the passengers. Along with all the comfort amenities there are stores and shops available for you to pass your time while your flight gets parked in the bay and is ready to board. Ibiza Airport is evolving and is also seeking to upgrade in the coming years to improve the facilities and amenities to make sure there is room for more passengers to land at Ibiza airport for their tour of Spain.

Barcelona El Prat Airport


BARCELONA-EL PRAT AIRPORT is the second largest airport that is located in Spain after the Madrid Barajas Airport. The BARCELONA-EL PRAT AIRPORT is the main airport in Catalonia. And here you may find two terminals with plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. This popular airport is located just fifteen kilometers from the center of Barcelona. This airport also includes a corporate terminal with lounges and its passport control and security, and the best part is that both the terminal is open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. The best thing about this popular airport is that it includes expansive cabin interiors, technological enhancement, and luxury seating, which could offer the passenger the complete comforts of reclining for the duration of the journey. And the passenger could arrive refreshed at their final destination. The BARCELONA-EL PRAT AIRPORT tourist could enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi, ATMs, Banks, and much more. This BARCELONA-EL PRAT AIRPORT is a beautiful and attractive place for the tourist. And the best thing about this airport is that it offers quality services for passengers and airfields worthy of a top-level airport and is used by the large numbers of passengers for comfortable flight service.

Andorra La-Seu D’urgell Airport

Andorra La-Seu D’urgell Airport

Andorra La-Seu D’urgell Airport is outside the Andorra city in Spain. It serves the city La-Seu D’urgell in Spain and also the microstate of Andorra. Based on their serving cities, the name of the airport is given. For the time being there are no scheduled flights landing or taking off from this airport. The majority of the traffic at this airport is for the flying schools and private schools. As there are no scheduled flights taking off or landing here, the need for facilities is also less. Therefore, there are less facilities as the passengers who come to this airport avail the chartered flights or private jets to land or take off from/to here.
There are very limited facilities but if you are planning on exploring the place you can book your private jet and land here to explore the destination in Spain. There might be some plans in the future to make this airport functional for the domestic flights with some massive expansions. But all those plans are in the pipeline now and have a long time until it gets executed. For booking the chartered flights or private jets, you need to get in touch with the airport authorities and the charter flight service providers.

Alicante Airport


Alicante Airport is known as the sixth largest airport in all of Spain. It is located 9km southwest to the capital of the country, Muncipality of Eliche. The airport was pretty out dated till 2010 but after March, 2011, it got redeveloped and modernized. A new terminal was added onto the Alicante Airport that replaced the older terminals. It is one of the best modifications made to the airport in such a long time. It is so because after the renovation was done, there was a whopping record breaking passenger count of 8.8 million in the year 2012.
The terminal had all the facilities and amenities that attracted the travellers of all types to board flight from this airport to avail luxury and hospitality. The people who are living the closest to this airport will never miss a chance to board flight from this new modernized airport. The Alicante airport handles a lot of flights and passengers every week with a co-operative and skilled staff. Not just that, but Alicante airport also allows chartered planes to land and take off. If you want to fly from/to Alicante airport in chartered or private flight then you might have to reach out to the respective service providers or airport authority.

Almeria Airport


Almeria Airport has the capacity to handle almost all big flights. It has a modernized terminal and has been permitted for further extension. With the extension plan being implemented, the space of the Almeria Airport will be increased and the capacity of holding passengers and flights will also multiply. The airport is located 9 km east to Almeria. The airport has a terrace where you can stand and admire the beauty of the flights taking off and landing on the runways. This airport also has amazing shops and stores for you to explore while you halt in the airport waiting for your flight.
There are some food stores where you can satisfy your food cravings before you board the flight. Moreover, after the expansion, there will be lounges within the terminals for the passengers to relax and rest if the flight gets delayed due to any reason. Along with that, the Almeria airport also allows private jets and chartered flights to land and take off from the premises. Therefore, if you are willing to travel to/from Almeria then you might have to get in touch with the service providers or airport authority who can arrange one for you.

Albacete Airport


Albacete Airport was opened in 2003 for the civilian traffic. After then, the amount of traffic flow was high in this airport. The Albacete Airport is located in the Los Lianos Air Base which is 4 miles away from the city of Albacete. Albacete is the capital of Albacete Province. It is one of the most popular airports of Spain but not in terms of passengers or travellers but for teaching the students who are opting their profession as pilots. It consists of one terminal building and one runway for take-off and landing of flights. There are no scheduled flights that operate from this airport. You can only avail flights through chartered planes or private jets to/from this airport.
Along with that, there is a flying school started in this airport to teach the young pilot aspirants. Moreover, some of the general flying operations are also conducted in this airport. Once it was opened for civilians in 2003, the chartered plane services were offered to the people for commuting to and from different destinations through this airport. You just have to get in touch with the authorities or the private firms offering these services to help make traveling easy for you through the Albacete Airport.