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Private Jet Charter To/From Alexandroupoli Airport LGAL / AXD


Alexandroupoli Airport is a small international airport serving in the city of Alexandroupoli. The airport is located in the distant Northeast location of Greece. The locals also named it as Dimokritos Airport which was named after the ancient philosopher of Abdera, Democritus. This airport consists of an asphalt runway and a small terminal building with necessary facilities. Even though there are fewer facilities, you still get a bar and buffet to relax and chill while you wait for your flight to arrive. Apart from that, the other facilities such as lounge, stores and shops are limited. The location of the airport is prone to withstand curfews. Therefore, the opening hours of the airport varies throughout the year.
Even though the airport is small, the flow of passengers is always high here. The curfews do trouble the travellers at times but in the normal days, the flights are always on time and the management staffs complete all the processes within a short span of time. With the lack of facilities due to the space, the airport tries to put in efforts to improve the service aspects within the premises to ensure that some flaws can be overlooked by the passengers. The assisting staffs are very co-operative to help you check-in and board the flight if you are not aware of the process.






Alexandroupoli Airport Greece Location