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Private Jet Charter To/From Albacete Airport LEAB / ABC


Albacete Airport was opened in 2003 for the civilian traffic. After then, the amount of traffic flow was high in this airport. The Albacete Airport is located in the Los Lianos Air Base which is 4 miles away from the city of Albacete. Albacete is the capital of Albacete Province. It is one of the most popular airports of Spain but not in terms of passengers or travellers but for teaching the students who are opting their profession as pilots. It consists of one terminal building and one runway for take-off and landing of flights. There are no scheduled flights that operate from this airport. You can only avail flights through chartered planes or private jets to/from this airport.
Along with that, there is a flying school started in this airport to teach the young pilot aspirants. Moreover, some of the general flying operations are also conducted in this airport. Once it was opened for civilians in 2003, the chartered plane services were offered to the people for commuting to and from different destinations through this airport. You just have to get in touch with the authorities or the private firms offering these services to help make traveling easy for you through the Albacete Airport.






Albacete Airport Spain Location