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Aktion National Airport

Aktion Airport also known as Aktion National Airport primarily serves Preveza region in the Greece. It also serves the Lefkadazone in the Greeze. The Aktion National Airport is also called Preveza Airport. Distinguishing part about the airport is that NATO and Hellenic Air Force Commands also use this. It is one of the oldest airports in Greece that got functional for the first time ever in the year 1968.
Closest airport that connects the Aktion national airport is the Loannina airport (IOA), loannina, which is situated at around 87 kms from Aktion National Airport. Similarly, the Kefallinia Airport (EFL), Kefallinia is also situated at around 91 kms from Aktion National Airport.
Since inception, the airport has witnessed significant transformation. To be specific, its look was significantly improved in 2017. Along thorough cleaning, the lighting facility of the airport was improved significantly having the airside zones being marked. One can enjoy super fast Wi-Fi connectivity within the airport along with top-notch sanitary facility. Safety standard has bene quite remarkable here as well.
The airport had witnessed 625,790 numbers of passengers in the year 2019. Through the process, it had witnessed a hike of 7.2 percent in terms of the passengers.






Aktion National Airport Airport Greece Location