Launceston Airport


Launceston Airport is considerably the second busiest airport in Tasmania. Between the year 2013 and 2014, the airport has served over 1.2 million passengers. As per the steady noticeable growth in the count of passengers, this figure is expected to reach up to 2.5 million by the end of 2035. Launceston Airport is also a source of employment for the locals. The airport offers around $26 million in total only for the wages every year. There are over 375 people working in this airport. The airport also assists the community with monetary benefits and has many shops and stores within the airport. It remains very busy throughout the year and the passengers need comfort and engaging amenities within the airport to pass their time while they wait for their flight to arrive. The airport has a strong motivation to emphasize on the history of Tasmania and promotes local produce. Therefore, most of the shops and stores within the airport are selling local made goods, local foods and other such essentials. Therefore, this airport has a great name across the globe for its rich efforts to keep the history of Tasmania alive. The airport also allows chartered flights to land and take off to/from this airport.

Kingscote Airport


This is the only airport available for Kangaroo Island. It is situated 6.5 NM southwest of Kingscote, of South Australia. Also, it served by many charter flights and public transport. The Kangaroo Island Council managed this airport along with all its activities. And, it serves the entire Kangaroo Island. The terminal area includes facilities such as short term vehicle parking, public toilets, overnight vehicle parking, etc. Also, You will find a water fountain inside its terminal building. There are café facilities also available. The remarkable fact of this airport is that it allows free vehicle parking facilities. Passengers can find this facility near the entrance of its terminal building. Also, public transport facility is available near this airport. You will also find information screens and visitors brochures. Moreover, it offers high-quality facilities for passengers. Along with that, you can also find many hotels near this airport. This airport also offers disability access. You can find clean and hygienic toilets throughout this airport. In case of any doubts or questions, passengers can contact the information desk, and it will provide the best assistance according to your requirement. However, this airport is suitable in terms of safety too.


This small regional airport present in King Island. It is situated near Currie town of King Island, which is present northwest coast of Tasmania, in Australia. The King Island Council operates this airport along with all developmental activities. And this is also owned by King Island Council. For local travellers or tourists, this airport is a bustling transit hub. In this airport, passengers can enjoy various things such as free parking, disability access, public toilet and many more. Passengers can also get Island Airport café inside this airport. This airport is also serving private jets. Also, you can book your rental car or vehicles for easy transportation. There is taxi facility also available near this airport. Passengers can also contact the information desk for any type of queries and questions. Moreover, this airport has all types of facilities for passengers. You can also find toilets throughout the airport premises. This airport is mainly serviced by three commercial airlines such as Regional Express, Sharp Airlines and King Island airlines. It also serviced by many charter airlines. You will also find various shops and eateries inside this airport. Moreover, it provides convenient and secured services to its passengers.

Karratha Airport


This airport is situated 14 km away from Karratha. Also, it located 5 NM south of the Dampier. The City of Karratha operates this airport along with all developmental activities. Another remarkable fact is that, in Western Australia, this is the second busiest airport. It offers various excellent facilities for passengers. Also, it has some eateries and small shops. Passengers can also enjoy free Wi-Fi facilities. There are airport lounges also available on its premises. Passengers also find various hotels nearby this airport. Along with that, it also has ATM; children play area, luggage storage & lockers, etc. facilities. You will also find various food shops inside the airport with varieties of food options. There are luggage carts available for passengers. You will also find car rental options, and you can book your rental cars according to your requirement. Also, you can avail of taxi services near this airport. There is an information desk also present, and it helps passengers to solve their queries and doubts. However, this airport also maintains safety guidelines for passenger’s safety. And here you can also get disability access facility. There are toilets present across the airport. For parking also this airport has good facilities.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport


This airport has a single terminal building for domestic and regional transfers. It is situated in Kalgoorlie of Western Australia. And it is 3 NM south of Kalgoorlie city. The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder operates this airport along with its developmental activities. In the year 2011, this airport handled around 259,958 passengers, and due to this, it is the 21st busiest airport over Australia. It provides its services to Perth and Melbourne. Passengers can enjoy the free Wi-Fi facility within this airport. There is an airport lounge also available, and economy class passengers can pay to enter into this lounge. There are many hotels present nearby this airport. Also, you can find these hotels within 10 to 15 minutes drives. You can also get a snack shop at this airport. The car rental services are also available, and you can avail of these services according to your requirement. And many taxis also readily available and you can get them in the ground transportation area. However, it also has an information desk, and passengers can take their bits of help in case of any emergency requirement. There is a parking area also present, and there you can safely park your vehicles.

Hobart Airport


This airport has one terminal, and it is serving both international and domestic flights. And it has a single runway, but recently other runways are developing. This airport is situated in Cambridge, which is 17 km north-east of Hobart. In Tasmania, this is the main passenger airport. Hobart Airport Pty Ltd operates this airport. Its major airlines, such as Virgin Australia, Qantas, and Jetstar, is serving this airport. It covers approximately 1,400 acres of land. Passengers can also get a terminal guide inside this airport. Wi-Fi system is also available, which will help to pass your time. In this airport, first-class lounges also present, and economy class passengers can also pay to use this passenger lounge. You can find various wooden chairs near its domestic departure, and there you can take a rest too. There are two or three numbers of hotels present adjacent to the airport. And there are guides present for informational purposes. You can take help from a guide related to flight timings, lounges information, hotel information, and many more. It has a good parking facility too. You can get 24-hour food options inside the airport. Moreover, it has all types of facilities inside the premises.

Hervey Bay Airport


This is the primary airport of Hervey Bay city, which is situated in Queensland, Australia. Fraser Coast Regional Council operates this airport along with all its activities. It is located 5 miles southeast of Pialba. In 2006, in terms of passenger traffic, this airport was the fastest growing airport in Queensland. Now the airport is planning to upgrade more features so that it can handle more jets. It offers many high-standard of services to passengers. Most of its services are available 24/7. Interestingly, in its café, passengers can enjoy the finest quality of coffee. Along with that, you can also get various ready-to-go foods like fruit salad, sandwiches, biscuits, etc. This airport also has a visitor information centre, and it will provide assistance to every passenger. You can also find ATM facilities which are located within its terminal. This airport also offers baggage trolleys to passengers. Another significant fact about this airport is an electronic accommodation and services guide near the terminal exit. Its other facilities are including baby changing rooms, toilets, free Wi-Fi, a rest zone, etc. If passengers lost any of their belongings, they could also make inquiries about their lost property.

Hamilton Island Airport

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island Airport is also known as the Great Barrier Reef Airport. The Great Barrier Reef Airport operates its entire developmental and maintenance activities. This airport handles flights coming from Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, and Brisbane. Another remarkable fact of this airport is that it is the launchpad for all scientific flights to Whitehaven Beach and Great Barrier Reef. It is also the significant hub for the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands. This airport is wholly equipped and well-maintained. There are charters, and private flights also fly into this airport. Along with that, some locally operated helicopters, seaplanes, and light planes also fly into this airport. Its parking and landing areas are also highly developed. Passengers can also book their accommodations near this airport. This airport has a spacious and comfortable terminal for departure, and this terminal has plenty of seats for passengers. And you will find various high standard hotels near it. Inside this airport, you will find shops and food outlets for purchasing food, beverages, or magazines. There is also a parents’ room available in this airport, especially for passengers who are traveling with their children. For disabled passengers, separate toilet system is available.

Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast

Gold Coast Airport is also popularly known as Coolangatta Airport. It is an international airport in Australia situated at the southern end of the Gold coast and approximately ninety kilometers south of Brisbane’s center, within South East Queensland agglomeration. The Gold Coast Airport includes a runway straddling two states simultaneously, New South Wales and Queensland. The best thing about this Gold Coast Airport is that it is located close to the sandy beaches of Australia’s most popular holiday destination. Hence, the tourist who loves to visit the Gold Coast Airport’s sandy beaches is the best spot. The Gold Coast Airport is a beautiful and great place to dine, shop duty-free, and relax before a flight. You may find a wide range of boredom-busting passenger facilities that you could effectively enjoy in this airport. The Gold Coast Airport is owned and operated by Queensland Airport Limited, and it serves Gold Coast, Queensland tweed heads, and New South Wales. This Gold Coast Airport is a popular hub for Jetstar, and it focuses city for Virgin Australia. Gold Coast Airport is considered the sixth busiest airport in Australia.

Darwin International Airport


Darwin international airport is serving the Northern Territory and Darwin as well. Also, in Australia, this airport is known as the tenth busiest airport. And this airport is the only airport which is serving Darwin. It’s all activities, functionality and performance is operated by Darwin International Airport Pty Ltd. This airport has various facilities for its passengers. It has the same terminal for both international and domestic flights. You will find ATMs throughout its terminals. Another interesting fact is that, in this airport baby change rooms also available on the ground floor. There are baggage trolleys also available for passengers, and these are entirely free of cost. This airport has three car parking areas which operate 24/7. Also, the disabled parking facility is present at this airport. You will also find food and beverage outlets inside this airport. Passengers can also contact to food and drink sections. Interestingly, you will also find baggage lockers in that airport. If you want to book any hotels, then you can also pre-book them online. This airport offers various high-end facilities to customers. In Darwin airport toilets are situated on every floor. In case of any queries, you can also contact to its information desk.

Essendon Airport


Essendon Airport is a small airport that is used for scheduled flights. It also offers carters to only general aviation. The Essendon Airport is also known as Essendon field Airport. It also offers warehousing facilities and home to the Victorian Air ambulance royal flying doctor services and victoria police air. This airport is operated by Essendon airport Pvt ltd. Essendon Airport is located just ten kilometers from Melbourne’s CBD. This airport also provides facilities and services for international and domestic corporate aircraft, aircraft maintenance, airfreight, aircraft charter, and emergency air service providers. Essendon Airport operators undertake more than fifty thousand annual aircraft movements. It is situated on 305 hectares and has two runways, and comprises a significant mix of aviation and non-aviation activities. Essendon Airport is open from 6 am till 11 pm when the airport shuts due to government curfews. This airport has sufficient car parking space outside the passenger terminal. Suppose you want to travel to Essendon Airport then you may travel by public transport, both buses, and trams. Since 2001 the airport has undertaken numerous upgrades and is now one of the leading General Aviation and Corporate Jet Airports in Australia.

Broome Airport

Broome International Airport operates Broome airport. This is also known as the regional hub of a northwestern area situated in Western Australia. The astonishing fact about this airport is that it is considered a gateway to the Kimberley region. In 2011 this airport handled passengers up to 409,663. And in Australia, it also ranked as the 20th busiest airport. In 2006 this airport extended some of its runway infrastructures. Along with that, it has upgraded some helicopter infrastructure too. In the years 2014 and 2015, Kimberly Qantas lounge started upgrading its facilities. In this airport, you can also contact to help desk for any type of queries, and these desk people are so friendly and kind too. Its terminal is relatively small, which used to serves fewer domestic destinations. You can get facilities like free Wi-Fi, showers, and a gift shop. For enjoying the airport lounge, the economy class passengers can pay for it. You can also pre-book your hotels and rental cars. You will also find toilet facilities throughout this airport, and some disabled toilet facility is also there. Its parking system and transport connections options are also quite convenient for passengers. Moreover, its facilities are good for passengers.