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Private Jet Charter To/From LORD HOWE ISLAND Airport YLHI / LDH


It is situated in the Tasman Sea. This airport offers air transportation to Lord Howe Island. Also, this airport is situated 600 km east of the Port Macquarie of mainland Australia. The Lord Howe Island Board operates this airport along with all its developmental activities. It used to serve Lord Howe Island, Australia. Interestingly, this airport is well-equipped with various types of facilities and services. If you want to travel to Lord Howe Island or other Australian cities, this airport will be the best option for you. Here, you will find a gift shop and other necessary shops inside the premises. There are restaurants also available, and passengers can enjoy food according to their choices. It also has a good coffee shop. You can also enjoy other facilities such as luggage keeping units, medical facilities, pre-paid taxi booths, and many more. There are information desks also available, and their representative will help passengers with any of their queries and questions. You can also use the city bus, rental car, interstate bus service, metro taxi system, etc., for convenient transportation. Moreover, it offers high-quality facilities for passengers. And also take care of the passenger’s safety and security.






LORD HOWE ISLAND Airport Australia Location