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Aircraft Model Cirrus SR22

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Cirrus SR22 – Redefining Private Air Travel

The Cirrus SR22 is a pinnacle of innovation in the private aviation sector, offering unmatched performance, safety, and luxury. Ideal for business executives, leisure travelers, and aviation enthusiasts, it is a testament to Cirrus Aircraft’s commitment to excellence.


Performance and Specifications

Powered by a robust 310-horsepower engine, the Cirrus SR22 achieves a top speed of 183 knots and a maximum range of 1,200 nautical miles. This single-engine, four-seat aircraft is designed for efficiency and comfort, ensuring a smooth and swift journey to your destination. The advanced avionics suite, featuring the Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin, provides pilots with intuitive controls and comprehensive situational awareness.

  • Top Speed: 183 knots
  • Range: 1,200 nautical miles
  • Seating Capacity: 4 passengers
  • Engine Power: 310 horsepower


Safety Features

Safety is paramount in the Cirrus SR22. It is equipped with the revolutionary Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), which adds an extra layer of security in emergency situations. The advanced ice protection system ensures safe flights even in adverse weather conditions, while the integrated traffic and terrain awareness systems enhance situational awareness.

  • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)
  • Advanced Ice Protection System
  • Traffic and Terrain Awareness


Luxury and Comfort

Step into the Cirrus SR22 and experience a cabin designed for luxury and comfort. The ergonomic leather seats, climate control, and state-of-the-art entertainment options ensure that every flight is a pleasurable experience. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the SR22’s cabin offers a serene and comfortable environment, allowing you to arrive refreshed and ready.

  • Ergonomic Leather Seats
  • Climate Control
  • Advanced Entertainment Options


Versatility for Private Charter

The Cirrus SR22 is perfect for various private charter needs, from short regional hops to longer cross-country flights. Its versatility and ability to land on shorter runways make it an excellent choice for accessing remote locations and smaller airports. This flexibility ensures that you can easily reach your destination, avoiding the congestion of major airports.


Why Choose Centurion Jets for Your Cirrus SR22 Charter?

At Centurion Jets, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier private charter services with the Cirrus SR22. Our experienced pilots, personalized service, and commitment to safety and luxury ensure an unparalleled travel experience. Whether you’re a business executive needing efficient travel or a leisure traveler seeking adventure, Centurion Jets provides the ultimate private charter solution.

Cruise Altitude
17500 FT
6 H 11 min
Galley Type
Min Runway
2000 Ft
Max Golf
Max SKIs
2 FT

Cirrus SR22


Comfort Pax


Aircraft Type

Price Per Hour

$644 - $2,080

Cruise Speed

185 KTS

Aircraft Length


Cabin Width

4' 9

Cabin Height

5' 0

Cabin Length

13' 0


1143 NM

Baggage Capacity (CU FT.)


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