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Baggage Capacity (ft3)


Cruise Speed (kts)

150-250 mph

IFR Range (nm)

100-700 miles

Cabin Width (ft)


Cabin Height (ft)


Travelling light?

If you want to upgrade from long automobile trips or avoid the airlines without breaking the bank or you just want to save money on short flights when you’re traveling as a couple or small group, a piston airplane charter is the perfect solution for short point to point trips. The nice thing about piston aircraft is they can take off and land at virtually any airport and in some cases, no airport at all.

The safety record of single-engine piston airplanes over the past two decades and the sophistication and safety systems of modern piston aircraft make them an excellent choice for short haul charter flights.

Comfort & Size

Piston airplanes differ from turboprop and jet aircraft as they have one or more piston-powered engines connected to the propeller(s), instead of turbine or jet engines.

Piston engine aircraft fly at altitudes below 15,000 feet and can only undertake short flights of approximately 300-400 miles. When picking your private jet charter it’s important to note that the interiors are relatively small, there are no restrooms and you will wear a headset during flight. But pistons are ideal for businesses to land at small general aviation airports with short runways or a lack of air traffic control tower.

The cabin of a piston aircraft typically seats between one and six passengers with seats typically configured in rows of two, all facing the cockpit.

Piston Private Jet Charter Options