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Aircraft Model Cessna CE-210

About This Aircraft

The Cessna 210 Centurion is a single-engine six-seat light touring and utility aircraft with retractable landing gear produced by the American manufacturer, Cessna Aircraft.
The plane has been around for years but it’s one of the best in its class. It was introduced as part of an upgrade to the original model which features a two piece wing that folds outwards on hydraulics instead of being bolted onto fixed spars like previous models were. The hydraulic system enables easy folding and unfolding without any disassembly required other than removing eight bolts from each lower wing panel diagonal brace assembly per side – making this airplane easily transportable even when fully assembled!

Cruise Altitude
27000 FT
6 H 4 min
Galley Type
Min Runway
2500 Ft
Max Golf
Max SKIs
3 FT

Cessna CE-210


Comfort Pax


Aircraft Type

Price Per Hour

$455 - $741

Cruise Speed

165 KTS

Aircraft Length

28' 2

Cabin Width

4' 18

Cabin Height

4' 8

Cabin Length

8' 8


1000 NM

Baggage Capacity


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