Aircraft model Cessna 421 Golden Eagle

Cessna 421 Golden Eagle

The Cessna 421 Golden Eagle is a twin-engined six to ten seat light corporate aircraft with retractable landing gear produced by the US American manufacturer, Cessna Aircraft Company. The main difference between this model and its predecessors is that it’s pressurized! It first appeared in 1967 as an updated version of the 411 series which was itself developed from earlier models manufactured before WWII. After being redesigned in 1970, it became known as the ‘421B’. In 1975 came another update; what would be designated for production thereafter was termed ‘421C’ and featured wet wings (which meant no wingtip tanks), among other improvements such features like electric flaps on all three control surfaces: elevator, rudder & slats/flap combination

About This Aircraft



Cruise Altitude

31000 Ft


4 H 50 min

Galley Type


Max Golf


Max Skis


Min Runway

2500 Ft

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Cessna 421 Golden Eagle Specification

Comfort Pax


Aircraft Type


Price Per Hour

$878 - $1,625

Cruise Speed

207 Kts

Aircraft Length

36' 5

Cabin Width

4' 5

Cabin Height

4' 3

Cabin Length

15' 8


1000 Nm

Baggage Capacity

55 cu. ft.